The “hitter” behind Netflix.

Live banding seems to be the fastest path to wealth and freedom in recent years. From the media reports, anchors are almost one of the most rewarding professions to pay. It’s not just a matter of a few years before you get a six-figure monthly income and millions of fans. The company’s main goal is to provide you with the best quality products and services that you can expect from the company. The company founded by Mr. and Mrs. Viya bought a 10-story building with a total area of 33,000 square meters. The legends of this rich movement also include Luo Yonghao, whose live streaming has helped him solve hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

Although the oligarchic effect of the anchor has been very obvious, more than 90% of the traffic held in the hands of top anchors, but these inspirational stories are enough to drive more than a million people into the dream of live to get rich, but also to catalyze the development of the upstream and downstream industry of live electricity business, upstream brands, distributors or manufacturers want to seize business opportunities in the mouth, midstream anchors, MCN agencies and platform channels to make money to earn money, even ordinary practitioners can also follow the soup.

The four live streaming with goods industry “hit workers”, found that they are in the competition in the Red Sea, constantly changing occupations and direction, in order to seize the wind, follow the anchor behind the quiet money, although not on the pinnacle of life, but are soberly judged by the industry to go, to do a drought and flood to protect the harvest.

In the live with goods everywhere is the world of fast money, there is still the most simple struggle story.


Some anchors hire turtles to read feng shui before decorating.

Peng Shuai|live studio decorator35 years old

On the eighth day of the first month of this year, a customer called me in a frenzy and asked me to hurry up and renovate the live band for him. Because at that time all offline stores were forced to shut down – the live band was completely brought down. But I didn’t even have a worker at the time, the village road was closed, and I finally found a worker, and the time was tight, so I worked through the night once the materials arrived.

Before contacting this line, I was to the wholesale market, chain stores or street front door to do store decoration, but the competition is fierce, Shijiazhuang local there are many old decoration company, I can not grab quality customers.2018 year, I found many clothing stores because of the business downturn, in the store support a mobile phone began to sell live, the background is poor, only shelves, I realized that a money-making mouth is coming, followed the transition! Do the live decoration.

Don’t look at the current live decoration is very hot, everyone is jealous, there are also many peers into the field, but mostly stragglers. This is not simply a question of the quality of decoration, but to see how the effect is presented to the user’s mobile phone. To be honest, at the beginning no one knows how to engage in live studio decoration, there is no model, or even no place to consult and learn, a lot of things are little by little to fumble out.

I initially is in accordance with the form of offline installation, the use of spotlights, the result of live broadcast appeared anchor head a white, overexposed situation, and later found that the most important live lighting, background, sound insulation.

The live broadcast room is very much doorway. Many shake, fast hands of the anchor, because the use of filters lead to the distortion of the live screen, color inaccurate, very affect the effect of the tape. I generally recommend that the anchor to the mirror live, mobile phone and then to the mirror, so as to avoid distortion of the screen, there are color differences, more fidelity. It’s not an exaggeration to say that many of the live broadcasters in the Shijiazhuang live base are built by me, and many people also come to me to place orders through the decoration videos I send out in fast hands.

Some customers will make interesting requests, and many will first ask a master to read feng shui, or even a turtle to read feng shui. One client, before choosing a new shop and building a live studio, asked for three turtles to be placed in the house for three days, and eventually the turtles would crawl wherever he wanted to use as his cashier, where he thought the turtles guided him to gather the most money.

This line of business money too fast, often refresh my perception. Many anchors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to decorate a live room, and then a few days later, put forward a new demand for decoration, as if no money, every once in a while to change the style of decoration. Hundreds of thousands and millions of orders I have also taken, but I know that the money I worked so hard to earn for a year, many anchors have earned overnight.

Even those who work for anchors make a lot of money. I previously asked a young man working in the live studio, he is responsible for packing goods, no base salary, packing an express two cents, a month to earn more than 10,000.

But they’re really stressed in this business, and I often meet anchors who break down and cry. A team’s daily expenses will be more than 100,000 or even more, a room full of people pointing to an anchor to eat, anchor pressure can be imagined. If you ask me to endure that kind of pressure, I might not be able to, I might as well earn my decoration money.


Didn’t last 8-12 hours of daytime broadcasting.

Missed the chance to be Vanya.

Li Li|Supply Chain Operation27years old

I was an anchor two years ago, and I understand how hard it is to be an anchor.

No one is successful casually, don’t look at everyone envies Li Jiaqi and Viya, day to day gold, unlimited scenery, but these people have to pay more than ordinary people’s efforts.

This year, we all went to do anchor, anchor circle competition suddenly cruel up, bad data, collapse cry, hair loss, midnight quarrel, and even depression. But in the first two years, this industry is full of opportunities everywhere, everyone can become Li Jiaqi and Viya. The key is, even if the opportunity is given to you, can you persevere?

Initially Taobao live, no charge, no need to buy traffic, you engage in some of the goods, the threshold and the amount of tasks on the display – 8-12 hours a day broadcast, you meet the standard, the platform will give you traffic tilt, the amount is easy up. But the question is, how many people can keep it up. Broadcasting 8-12 hours a day equates to all the energy you have to put in and no time for rest and entertainment.

Now we all know how much the live band is sucking, when the industry just appeared, no one is clear live band this road or not, a lot of people because the short term can not see the future, often stick to the dawn of not give up, I am one of them.

To be honest, I’m not very sorry, after all, really insist on not going down. After I went to do live supply chain operations, also considered handy.

Now mention live with goods, we think of MCN agencies, anchors, the most important thing in this line is the flow, but the source of goods is also beginning to become critical, behind the live broadcast is a whole huge industry chain. To some extent, the mature supply chain resources are the core competency of the anchor.

I am now in a supply chain organization.MCN organization is mainly responsible for the anchor, we are responsible for the supply chain end of the goods, rely on goods to docking anchor. We mainly mastered the source of goods, and manufacturers, manufacturers are responsible for delivery, we are responsible for finding anchors with goods.

My organization is in Hangzhou Jiubao, where competition is particularly fierce.At the end of 2018, there were 600 live Taobao broadcast organizations in the country, with half of them in Hangzhou, and the organizations in Hangzhou are mainly concentrated in Jiubao and Binjiang.

Now standing at the tip of the live band pyramid is the anchor, the next layer is the MCN agency or big brand, and the third layer is our ordinary businesses. Anchors have their own ideas, language habits, etc., and won’t do exactly what we want them to do, so it’s easy to flip out as a result. The big brands can pick the anchors and put certain requirements on them, but we don’t have that much bargaining power and we can’t talk about controlling them.

I’ve done a Shakespeare live before, the man to the product demonstration is quite good, but did not mention the most critical way of discount, the results of the live sales of only a few hundred, properly turned over, we have to give him “fill the hole”.

But as a practitioner, I’m not late to the industry, plus because of the experience as a broadcaster and operations, independently responsible for some projects, but also able to earn some money.


The new anchors are like leeks, one crop after another.

Liu Meng|MCN Agency Operations24

Live banding was so hot that it seemed like it was suddenly the fastest way to wealth freedom by 2020, and our boss wanted to make a buck, so we set up an MCN agency in June of this year.

But our company entered late and found that the money was being made by others.

I’m in charge of the Darren operation, and I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. One of them was a very legendary celebrity who had a huge following, went home to have a baby and was quiet for two years. The consequences can be imagined, when she came back, people have forgotten her, live band sales are still good, but only the old fans will still hold the audience, almost no new fans will buy. The net red iteration is particularly fast, new anchors and leeks, crop after crop, she wants to make a comeback is too difficult.

Another person, almost like a vegetarian, he had to insist on using a new number live, even if we put the price of goods down even if no one will buy.

Direct broadcast with goods is not good to do, we signed a jitterbug V, about 5 million fans, the number of fans is not bad, but with goods still not good. The first live sold only a few thousand, he himself felt embarrassed, and then resolutely do not live with goods.

Our company does not have a supply chain and source of goods, the equivalent of just a two-way dealer, can not give the lowest discount, but in order to make money can only slightly raise the price, which leads to some clothes quite low quality, but the price is still high. One time we selected an undershirt, that is, the ground floor goods, return rate of more than 90%. We generally attract traffic through advertising, but it’s hard to get volume up there.

We used to be able to collect pit fees for our anchors, but now it’s mostly pure commission cooperation model, and the oil and water from the live band is not that much. Our company is now ready to turn to show live, because the cost is almost zero. But the logic of banding and showroom is not the same, and the number of fans and revenue of live showroom is not proportional.

One of the show anchors we signed up for a live show has only five or six people in the room, which sounds pathetic, but people make over $100,000 a month. Why? Because there was a big sister who was crazy enough to give him a reward for every game. Another anchor, there were quite a lot of people in the live room, but no one was giving rewards, so naturally he didn’t earn much.

There are people sitting there, and they are not particularly good-looking, but there are just people willing to give gifts, which is eye contact. So earning or not earning money sometimes depends on luck, or even on life.


There are too many scams in this business. We’re afraid to make a quick buck.

Chen Yiming|Broadcast service provider 30 years old

Nowadays, the core of the live band is two points, the supply chain and the super flow of anchors.

For a long time, the anchor, brand owner and platform is a three-way game. But the development of live band goods to now, has been from a hundred flowers to the oligarchy. The most convincing is that during the double 11, Li Jiaqi, Viya, these head anchors almost accounted for more than 60% of the share of the live band goods.

I have been in the advertising and marketing industry for many years before, and observed that the big brand owners will take the live broadcast with goods as a stage of marketing, the real sales behavior will still be handed over to the traditional sales channels, so at first, I was willing to go on the head of the anchor’s live room, as a means of growing the volume. But when the anchor energy is too big, after becoming an oligarch, it has a very strong bargaining power, can put the brand’s price is very low, the brand side, especially the big brand side will be swayed. Because it has a certain brand effect of its own, when the price has been suppressed, the brand owner will come back, it does not quite need the anchor as an endorsement, the core demands of consumers if only the lowest price, the brand owner will choose to broadcast with the form of goods. Dong is a good example of this.

This year by the impact of the epidemic, the entire advertising industry has suffered more serious setbacks, and live with goods is too hot, which gives our team a different opportunity.

For brands with their own pricing system, we provide him with live broadcast services, we are responsible for the planning of the live program, to docking anchors, and then to the final implementation, from which we earn a certain service fee. At the same time, we are familiar with the upstream and downstream industry chain from the traditional media era, in today’s era of marketing media, doing a middleman to be quite handy.

The brand customers also because of offline advertising and marketing channels do not go well, choose online marketing means. At present, then, live with goods is the most concerned one. Take most of our contact with the brand, for example, last year, willing to try live with goods customers accounted for only two or three, this year rose to seventy-eight percent, it can be said that the industry is a very drastic change.

But I have to say, live service this line of fish and dragons, a lot of scams, many do not understand the market conditions of the brand side, easy to be cut leek. For example, it often happens that the first live do very well, sales are good, but after a few days, found that the return rate is extremely high, in fact, some live agencies to buy the goods first single, a week later to refund. This is not only damage to the brand, not true sales data will also cause consumer misinformation, sooner or later there will be a negative backlash for the practitioners.

So what we do now is that we only charge a service fee, not responsible for the sales data of the live results, and the specific sales are borne by the anchor. That way, we don’t make any hot fast money. But we believe that even if there are fluctuations in the industry, if our industry reputation is good enough, we will have enough orders.