Anhui beautiful nurse died strangely on the roof of the vice president’s house, the family claims 880,000 yuan

Deng Juan, a female nurse from Xuancheng, Anhui Province, died in a bizarre death on the roof of the hospital vice president’s house.

According to Chengdu Business Daily’s Red Star News, the court in Langxi County, Anhui Province, said it would hear the case of a nurse who died on the roof of the vice president’s house on March 3, with the defendant being Vice President Chen and the Langxi County People’s Hospital. However, the lawyer for the Family of nurse Deng Mou, Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm lawyer Wang Xiaozhi said on March 1, the case may be delayed, and the case will be heard in camera.

According to the report, Deng’s family provided a complaint, the family demanded that Chen and Langxi County People’s Hospital apologize in writing to the plaintiff, and compensation for death, funeral expenses, spiritual comfort a total of 883,511.5 yuan.

On Nov. 16 last year, the mainland media reported that Deng Juan, a 26-year-old nurse at Langxi County Hospital, died by hanging from the roof of the hospital’s vice president Chen Jin’s house. Before her death, she left a handwritten suicide note complaining of repeated beatings and rape by Chen Jin. The police recovered a text message showing that Vice President Chen Jin was married and that Deng Juan had 2 abortions for him.

Deng’s father had also published an open letter on Weibo, his daughter Deng Juan was working in Langxi County Hospital before she was born and had a lively personality. He believes that his daughter’s death is related to the hospital vice president Chen Jin. He said his daughter had been beaten and raped by Chen Jin several times, and questioned the suicide results given by the police.

The aforementioned complaint also mentions the specific case that Chen used his position to rape Deng after he was drunk and lured her into a lover’s relationship for a number of reasons starting in September 2019. During this period, Deng has had two abortions accompanied by Chen. Afterwards, Deng was physically and mentally injured and diagnosed with depression after being subjected to threats, deception, insults, and beatings due to Chen’s disorder.

The case refers to a serious clash between Deng and Chen on Oct. 12, 2020, in the office of the vice president of Langxi County People’s Hospital, where Deng was not only verbally abused and verbally stimulated by Chen, but also beaten. on Oct. 14, Deng died on the roof of Chen’s house, and police said Deng hanged himself.

The family pointed out that Chen Jin, as a senior, professional medical practitioner, and knew that Deng Juan had depression, but also insulted with verbal stimulation and violent beatings, the death of Deng Juan has a direct causal relationship, should bear the responsibility of compensation; and Chen Jin, Deng Juan’s Langxi County People’s Hospital leaders knew Chen Jin did, and knew that Deng Juan for Chen Jin two abortions and Deng suffered from depression, but not only did not deal with it, but let the situation change. The hospital was found to have a direct causal relationship with Deng’s death and should be held liable for compensation.

For the police said the deceased is a suicide, not a homicide, Deng Juan’s father questioned the location of his daughter’s death is in the 11th floor of the roof of Chen’s district, daughter hanging from the roof of the air conditioning unit shelves, and the air conditioning unit shelves from the ground only a meter high, not at all to hang a six-foot adult female.

It is reported that Chen Jin has been removed from party and government positions, and was investigated.