Trump’s big Pennsylvania withdrawal? WaPo gets smacked in the face for reporting fake news again

In response to some media reports that Trump has dropped “most” of his lawsuit in Pennsylvania, the Trump team on Sunday (November 15) said it was a complete fabrication and tweeted a rebuttal to the “fake news”.

The Washington Post and other media outlets reported that Trump’s team dropped the original charges of assault on Republican Party supervisors by election officials. Trump’s attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani had said that more than 600,000 votes in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, should be voided because of the inability of the scrutineers to perform their duties.

This means that the core of the Pennsylvania lawsuit is being dropped, and the Trump team is instead targeting a loophole in the “voter-altered mail-in ballots” lawsuit, which allows voters in some pro-Democratic counties to alter their mail-in ballots, putting Republicans at a disadvantage, according to WaPo and other media outlets. The WaPo also quoted a Democratic lawyer as badmouthing Trump, saying that the move meant that Trump’s lawsuit was unlikely to change the outcome of the election.

President Trump tweeted, “The Washington Post forgot to read the complaint! Fake News. The (unfair) treatment of ticket inspectors is still an important part of the complaint!”

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump team, said the WaPo story was “flat-out wrong.” “Our lawsuit in Pennsylvania still includes 682,479 mail-in ballots and absentee ballots that were secretly counted.”

Jenna Ellis, legal counsel for the Trump team, also said the WaPo report was highly inaccurate and that the reporter apparently did not read paragraphs 142 and 150 of the indictment.

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the Trump team, said, “They didn’t read paragraph 4 either, WaPo is making shit up (making shit up)!”

This isn’t the first time The Washington Post has been punched in the face after reporting a fake story about the election, as Pennsylvania Post Office employee Richard Hopkins broke the story that the Erie postmaster asked employees to postmark all of the ballots that weren’t delivered until after Election Day so that they could be listed as valid votes.

Then the Washington Post recently reported, citing a source, that Hopkins had admitted that his outbursts were false. But hours after that report came out, Hopkins immediately came out with a response, calling out the Post for reporting fake news and that what he said was true.