British Consul General saves girl from drowning in Chongqing

Stephen Ellison, the British Consul General in Chongqing, personally rescued a girl from falling into the water during a trip to the ancient town of Zhongshan in Chongqing on Nov. 14.

Shi Yun Sen said in an interview afterwards, in the journey to save a life, made him very happy. Local villagers also expressed their gratitude to him, gifting him a 6-meter-long scroll of the ancient town of Zhongshan.

The official Twitter feed of the British Embassy in China posted a video of the scene where Shi Yunsen saved the life and expressed pride in the incident.

Shi Yunson, 61, has been living and working in China for nine years and was the age group champion of the Beijing Triathlon in 2019. In October, Swenson arrived in Chongqing and November 16 was his first day as the official British Consul General in Chongqing.