Anti-Japanese drama praised by military media People’s Daily severely criticized

In a rare move, the People’s Daily, the state’s official media, has recently issued a scathing critique of a new anti-Japanese drama.

The drama, titled “Thunder War Admiral,” was launched by Hunan TV in early November and features young idols such as Zhang Yunlong and Gao Weiguang. China’s military media, the People’s Liberation Army Daily, praised the drama as “a tribute to heroes with fighting youth,” vividly showing the iron-blooded heroism of Chinese soldiers and singing the main theme of the times.

In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who have been working in the industry for a long time, and they’ve been working hard.

The article stressed the need to adhere to the principles and responsibilities of literary and artistic creation, and to be fearful and respectful of history.

After the article was sent out, the TV series was quickly taken off the air by Chinese AV platforms and Hunan TV.

In recent years, Chinese anti-Japanese TV dramas have often become the object of satirical criticism by netizens for their untrue and arbitrarily fabricated “thunderous” details, and high-profile criticism by Chinese official media is rare. Even so, so-called “anti-Japanese divine dramas” continue to appear one after another.