In the name of freedom, the number of Hong Kong students coming to Taiwan has risen sharply.

The number of Hong Kong students studying at universities in Taiwan has been rising in recent years. Hong Kong Ming Pao reported that the number of Hong Kong students studying undergraduate courses in Taiwan reached 5,300 this year, an increase of 44 percent over last year.

Hong Kong’s Taipei Economic and Cultural Office told the media that Taiwan’s effective control of the epidemic has made some Hong Kong students willing to study in Taiwan to escape the epidemic. However, some further education consultants said that students and parents want to study in a free and tranquil atmosphere, and that the social turmoil in Hong Kong last year was a major factor that drove Hong Kong students to study in Taiwan.

A study advisor analysis said that Taiwan’s universities have a complete set of subjects, giving students more choices. And in recent years, Taiwan has relaxed the rules for Hong Kong students to stay in Taiwan after graduation, extending the residency period to one year, which is beneficial to Hong Kong students.