China’s “anal test” too humiliating Japanese call on Beijing to exclude Japanese

China continues to use the globally unique “anal swab” method to test for Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19), and many people have complained about the stigma of such a test. In response, The Japanese government has expressed its hope to China that Japanese people will be excluded from the anal test.

According to Japan’s “Current Affairs News Agency” reported, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsushin said today that some Japanese who went to China were screened by the Chinese side in the form of anal testing for martial lung. The Japanese government has made it clear to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant units of the Beijing authorities that it hopes to exclude Japanese people from the anal testing program and to review the way the tests are conducted.

Kato Katsushin said that China has not yet replied to Japan’s request. But he said that, except for China, no country is doing anal testing, Japan will continue to call on China to exclude Japanese from the application of anal testing objects.