U.S. Congressman: Biden must designate Chinese Communist Party as a transnational criminal organization

The Biden administration must designate the Chinese Communist Party as a “transnational criminal organization” in order for the American people to fully understand the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and for businesses to avoid dealing with a criminal organization, U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, a federal Republican, said Sunday (Feb. 28).

“We are making a distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party,” Perry told the Epoch Times on Sunday during the Conservative Coalition Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

Perry also said that the Biden Administration needs to designate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for what they are.

Perry introduced a bill in October 2020 that would designate the CCP as a “transnational criminal organization” and remove the “sovereign immunity” enjoyed by CCP officials. Once that right is lost, CCP officials could be criminally prosecuted in U.S. courts.

“Now, they (the CCP) claim sovereign (immunity) because they are part of a national government, but I think that’s specious. I mean, they are a criminal organization involved in a criminal operation, and that’s not speculation, that’s an easily proven fact, whether it’s the distribution of fentanyl or allowing the distribution of fentanyl, across our borders, directly into the United States, or human rights violations.” Perry said.

“So we give them (the Chinese Communist Party) a pass, in a way, because they say we have sovereign immunity as a government,” Perry said, “and sovereign immunity as a government does not allow you to do to your own citizens, or anybody else, whether within your borders or not to commit horrific acts of violence – the world does not allow that.”

Perry introduced legislation last year, along with Republican Representatives Tim Burchett and Scott DesJarlais, to add the Chinese Communist Party to the Justice Department’s “International Top Criminal Organization Target” (TICOT) list. The list is designed to identify and root out the international criminal organizations that pose the most serious threat to U.S. national interests.

Perry said Sunday that designating the CCP as a “transnational criminal organization” would allow the Justice Department to deal with the regime and “prosecute those responsible” for issues ranging from intellectual property theft to the regime’s Crimes Against Humanity.

Perry said doing so would give the American people a full understanding of what the Chinese Communist Party is and what they are trying to do to China and to the United States.

Perry said, “These are crimes and they are not being dealt with.” Perry was referring in part to the CCP’s human rights abuses against Uighurs and other minorities in the Xinjiang region, forced organ harvesting, the CCP regime’s social credit system, theft of intellectual property on U.S. soil, distribution of drugs, and importation of drugs into the United States through China via Mexico.

Perry also said that designating the CCP as a “transnational criminal organization” could set a framework for everyone’s mindset toward the CCP, especially businesses, “because I think most businesses don’t want to deal with a criminal organization, and most businesses certainly don’t want to deal with an organization that is involved in concentration camps and the oppression of Uighurs. people.”

The day before leaving office, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution of Uighurs as “genocide” and “crimes against humanity. The Biden administration agrees with this designation.

However, current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the new administration has reservations about former President Trump‘s approach to China.

“I just want to say that I also believe that President Trump was right to take a tougher approach to China [the Chinese Communist Party],” Blinken said during his Senate confirmation hearing, “and I strongly disagree with him in some areas, but the basic principles are right, and I think it actually helps our foreign policy.”

Although the Biden administration has revealed few specific plans ahead of its review of Trump-era policy toward China, Biden said he will focus on “extreme competition” with the Communist regime. The Biden administration is also facing pressure from Congress to continue to take a tough stance against the Communist regime, an issue that has bipartisan support.