Second female staffer comes forward to accuse New York Governor Gormor of sexual harassment

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already been accused of sexual harassment by two women on his staff.

The New York Times reports that a second staffer has now come forward to accuse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old staffer who serves as Cuomo’s health policy adviser, accused Cuomo of asking her indiscreet questions about her sex Life and whether she has had sexual relations with older men.

Gumm issued a statement on the 27th denying fishy harassment and never overstepped the mark, “She was a hard-working staffer and a very important member of the staff during the New Coronavirus (CCP) outbreak; she had the right to speak out.” Gumm also said he tried to give Bennett guidance in the workplace.

I did not harass Bennett and never intended to do anything inappropriate to her,” Gumm’s statement said. Making her feel as she did in the report would be the last thing I would want.”

However, Gumm authorized an outside look at Bennett’s allegations, and Beth Garvey, special counsel to the governor, said the review of the case will be conducted by former federal judge Barbara Jones.