Only wrapped in sheets … Hunan high school girls killed classmates absconded to surrender in Zhejiang

A 17-year-old female high school student in Yueyang. (Taken from Weibo)

A new development in the case of a 17-year-old high school girl surnamed Wu who was found dead by a reservoir in Pingjiang County, Yueyang, Hunan Province, has been reported, as the suspect surnamed Li who absconded to Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, has surrendered to the local public security authorities and is in criminal detention by the police according to law.

The victim, a high school girl surnamed Wu, and the 18-year-old suspect surnamed Li were junior high school classmates, said the father of the high school girl surnamed Wu, Li suspected of taking his daughter away on a motorcycle in the early hours of February 16, the motorcycle had passed the entrance of the police station, and then passed the station, after which he did not know where to go. At that Time, the Family had rested, and did not know that his daughter out of the door. During the day, when they found that their daughter was not at Home, the family started looking for her, but found nothing, and then called the police. Later to check the road monitoring, only to find that the daughter was taken away by Li suspected.

It is understood that Li suspected and the victim is a junior high school classmate, but Li suspected has entered society. The police had approached Lee suspect by phone for questioning, Lee said that although he took the girl out, the girl was picked up by another person in a car. A few days later, the police again by phone to find Li suspected of questioning, Li changed his mind and said that the girl with him in Zhejiang, people are very safe, soon home.

The remains of the young girl was found on the edge of the reservoir. (Taken from microblogging)

But the high school student surnamed Wu did not as Li said “soon home”, but on the 22nd was found dead by the reservoir, body curled up, wrapped only in sheets, clothing are gone, face and bruises.

The report pointed out that local villagers suspect that the girl had been sexually assaulted before she was born, but it was not confirmed by the police. In addition, according to family members, the victim had been to a small hotel in town. This inn had been outlawed, and the family had previously visited the inn to look for their daughter, but to no avail.