Personification of objects, personification, and deification of the CCP – the scandal of senior government officials greeting vaccines at the airport

As seen on the TV news, a group of government officials, lined up at the airport cargo terminal, greeted the vaccine shipment from the mainland. When the container was unloaded and drove past the officials, these people even applauded a dead cargo container to express their welcome and heartfelt thanks.

Such scenes were never seen in Hong Kong in the past, but in the mainland, they were simply taken for granted. Hong Kong officialdom now pervades a mainland party style, more and more scandalous.

Mainland’s Kexing vaccine, the efficiency rate of just over half, not to mention has not yet completed the legal experimental report. It can only be assumed that the report is too ugly, and in order to deceive the public, the third stage report has to be left aside on the ground of Time constraint. This is simply child’s play when it comes to the CCP’s rules of engagement.

Even if this is the case, even if the Lam Cheng government is trying to show its loyalty and pander with the lives of Hong Kong people, there is no need for a large group of highly paid officials to go to the airport in broad daylight to greet and welcome this batch of vaccines, regardless of their status, right? Vaccines are dead, people are alive, you go to welcome the vaccine, the vaccine will not feel, things are certainly done to Beijing, not so, can not show their piece of loyalty.

The dictators want to establish their own position of authority, first to dwarf the general public, to “objectify” them, and to “objectify” people, we must first “humanize” things. Even some dead things seem to have spirituality, light, spiritual power, you eight-foot untouchables, the only way to fall in front of the dead things, you are inferior to those dead things, you do not obey?

The dead things of the autocratic ruler, tainted with the color of the ruler, the status is exalted, the people under the autocratic rule, in front of these dead things is like dirt, so baked up the autocratic ruler, is the unreachable God.

During the Cultural Revolution, Pakistan gave a batch of mangoes to Mao Zedong, who gave them to the workers of the Beijing Knitting Factory. The mangoes were sealed with wax and offered as sacrifices, and the workers were so enchanted that they lined up to bow to the mangoes. Because the mangoes were not sterilized before the wax sealing, they soon began to rot. The factory revolutionary committee boiled the rotten mangoes into a pot of Soup and held another ceremony in which the workers lined up again to take a sip each. Then the Revolutionary Committee ordered a waxed mango and offered it on the altar, and the workers lined up again to pay their respects as a ritual.

The humanization of things, the personification, and then the deification of things, so that we, the grassroots, can still be considered a human being with a mind and heart? All the 1.4 billion people in the country have become soulless “things” that only dance with the baton of the rulers.

When the Chief Executive of Hong Kong went to Beijing to report on his duties, he was originally sitting opposite to the Chinese Communist Party leaders, but later on it was changed, Xi Jinping was in the middle and the Chief Executive was on the side. This kind of ritualistic gimmick is designed to belittle the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and to highlight the status and authority of Xi Jinping, in front of whom Lin Zheng is a “thing”.

After 100 years of revolution, the Chinese Communist Party still has a peasant consciousness in its bones. The Chinese peasants have been in the same mindset for thousands of years, worshipping everything they see, The Emperor is wise, the sinner deserves to die, the emperor has nine words, the people kneel down and kowtow.

By sending senior officials to the airport to welcome the vaccine, the Lam Cheng government is showing its loyalty to Beijing on the one hand, and demonstrating to the people of Hong Kong on the other hand, that they should be respectful to anything that comes from the north, no matter it is dead or alive, and should not be neglected a little. The Chinese Communist Party gave the vaccine to Hong Kong as a favor, and Hong Kong officials greeted it at the airport as a token of gratitude. If everyone is obedient, Xi Jinping will be greatly relieved.

Lin Zheng’s government cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party to dismantle the local consciousness of Hong Kong people, destroy Hong Kong’s one country, two systems, and transform Hong Kong people into mainlanders, starting with such small things. A vaccine that actually works marijuana is worshipped as a god, so in the future, when the mainland supplies water to Hong Kong, should officials go to the mouth of the aqueduct to greet it? Mainland live pigs to Hong Kong, officials should not go to the several pigs tied with a red ribbon, loaded with a luxury caravan, in the King’s Road parade a circle, launched the Hong Kong blue silk, dressed up assembly, standing on both sides of the street, chanting “welcome welcome! Warmly welcome!”

It is disgusting to see such scenes, with such shameless senior officials, Hong Kong will die faster!

Hong Kong people have to be very vigilant at least in such trivial matters in order to preserve Hong Kong. We have recently been reminded to beware of the pollution of mainland language, and this is very pertinent advice. I myself was educated by the Chinese Communist Party since childhood, and have been in Hong Kong for forty years. Although I have warned myself again and again to be careful, I usually watch a lot of mainland news and many comments about mainland political and current affairs, and I am inevitably influenced, sometimes unknowingly, to use mainland phrases, so I hope that some netizens will notice and remind me, so that I can keep my language as it is.

The ancients said, not for the five buckets of rice, the gang of senior officials everyone hundreds of thousands of monthly salary, even if the cannon will not starve to death, so groveling, just to prove that they are also “rites and integrity” – shameless!