Who is favored by Trump, Pence and Pompeo? Republican voters 2024 poll exposed

Foreign media 1 for the 2024 election Republican Party primary survey poll found that if today is the Republican Party primary, Trump‘s support is still higher than former Vice President Pence and former Secretary of State Pompeo, with 53% more than half of the public opinion, ranked first in the hearts of Republican voters.

According to a poll conducted by Politico for Republican voters, Trump still has undisputed support in the Republican Party for the 2024 party primary, and the poll made this month shows that 59 percent of Republican voters want Trump to play an important role in moving the party forward, a percentage that is 18 percentage points higher than on Jan. 7 and 9 percentage points higher than on Jan. 25 before the impeachment trial. 9 percentage points more than before the January 25 impeachment trial.

The poll shows that 81 percent of Republican voters rate Trump positively, up 4 and 7 points from 77 percent on Jan. 7 and 74 percent on Jan. 25, respectively.

In addition, for the 2024 Republican presidential primary, 53% of Republicans said they would support Trump if the primary was held today, higher than Pence’s 12% support, others such as Rubio (Marco Rubio), Cotton (Tom Cotton), Romney (Mitt Romney) and other senators support less than 5%, former Secretary of State Pompeo is even lower than 2%.