Pompeo’s speech in Florida, Fang Wei to give Chinese commentary

Pompeo Speech at CPAC: The great triumph of U.S. diplomacy lies in courage and principle.

Pompeo came out and talked about how he has come to CPAC year after year, from a congressman from Kansas to the U.S. Secretary of State, and today for the first Time as a civilian. he said that after he left office, many people called him names, while the Chinese Communist Party and Iran jointly sanctioned him, and the New York Times said he was the worst Secretary of State. But he was proud of it. In response to some who say they (Trump administration officials) are disruptors of order, Pompeo said, “Yes! We’re really the disruptors of order, and we’re trying to disrupt some of the unreasonable order that was there before.”

Pompeo began by telling the story of his grandfather (grandfather) Erau, a tough guy who was a county sheriff in Kansas in the 1930s, when Life was difficult and his grandfather had to make decisions about what to do in the Family. Grandpa had ten children, Pompeo’s mother was the oldest and the youngest was Uncle Rachel.

Grandpa Pompeo was running for re-election as county sheriff of Kansas at the time, and the youngest uncle said he wanted to build a small factory in the basement, which accidentally blew up the basement and destroyed the first floor of his campaign office. It is a big project to collect and rebuild is very troublesome, grandfather simply do not run for re-election, which is why Pompeo grandfather only when a term of the county sheriff of Kansas.

Then Grandpa Pompeo found it hard to make a living there, so he moved away and started a business offering pool games and selling Chili (hot sauce) on the side.

Pompeo said the reason he shared his grandfather’s story was to talk to you about two lessons, the first is that Grandpa Eruo never pretended to be someone else, said whatever was on his mind, treated people sincerely and did not play false. The second is that all your plans do not necessarily go well, there may be changes, but there are changes and can not give up on this, the same to persevere.

Pompeo said that today he is no longer the secretary of state, so since he came to speak, he has to tell some facts.

He talked about the fact that within four years of Trump’s administration, many women, Asians and blacks in the United States have found jobs, and their focus on economic development has also brought many jobs to American workers, while also holding the border tight and giving jobs back to American workers so they can feed their families and not let the Chinese Communist Party steal American jobs.

In addition, Pompeo said the Trump team’s energy policy is also very good and also encourages people to start small businesses so that they can fight for themselves and build their own future.

He mentioned that when he was running for Congress in Kansas, business owners and labor had no confidence in the policies of Obama at the time. But in the past four years it’s been a different story. For him, and for the Trump team, boldness and fearlessness are their greatest hallmarks.

He said, now the Biden administration just took office, the chair is not yet sitting warm, it will be arch heart stone (Keystone XL) U.S. and Canada pipeline more than 10,000 jobs cut, the Biden Administration also said very good, said these workers work no more, go to build solar panels on the good. The question is, do these workers know what they’re doing? Do they know how to make solar panels? And do we know how many solar panels are being dumped from China to the United States? Is the Biden administration’s decision reliable?

Pompeo believes that of course they can criticize the Trump team for not taking care of the environment and only creating jobs, however the fact is that the entire team is not only taking care of the environment, but also taking care of the environment in the backyard of American workers’ homes.

In addition, for the past forty years, the Democrats and Republicans have joined forces to crush American workers and send jobs to China, something that must stop, Pompeo stressed: “What is our relationship with China? The Chinese Communist Party needs us far more than we need them.”

Coincidentally, twenty years ago, Fang Wei went to the U.S. Congress to communicate on human rights issues in China, and he suggested then, “The Chinese Communist Party needs us far more than the United States needs China.” At that time, no one in Congress understood the meaning of this statement. Now the former U.S. Secretary of State is saying the same thing. Fang Wei said that now the U.S. has finally clearly grasped the key relationship between the U.S. and China.

Pompeo said, “For the past forty years, the Democrats plus the Republicans have joined forces to cause our diplomatic failure, our U.S.-China relationship is a failure, mainland China manufacturing has destroyed many factory jobs in the United States, and now we can’t do that anymore.”

For America, we need to be strong. Pompeo said he went to Europe during his tenure as secretary of state and found that many European countries do not like the U.S. On many occasions, you negotiate over there and everyone is silent and does not express an opinion. “Because we just tell the truth in Europe, the opportunity to speak is the truth, whether you’re high or not, it’s the truth, we all hold so diplomatic relations.”

“To the dictators of the world, I say all the heavy things, I say, don’t you dare touch America, you’ll pay a high price. Our strength will prevent war, and weakness invites war. It’s one of the founding principles of the American Founding Fathers, “Peace through strength. We’ve done that for the last four years, and that’s why we haven’t been at war for the last four years.”

Trump and world leaders have said, “I’m the president of the United States, so I’m America first, and so are you, each to maintain their own first, and then sit down together to discuss a win-win situation.” Pompeo said we went about thinking that way and ended up doing it all.

Now, for the United States to stick to its principles and to America first, a bold America is actually safer for the world.

Pompeo said, “By the Biden era, the Paris climate agreement was a total morality play fantasy that actually didn’t work at all, so we then pulled him out. We also got tough on Iran and scrapped the Iran deal as well, and people were worried about a nuclear war, which we did, and there was no war.”

“President Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and people warned us that it would invite war, and we did it, and there was no war; we officially recognized the Golan Heights (Golan Heights) as Israeli, and some people said it would start a war in the Middle East, and we did it, and there was no war.”

“Also there are people who say that there can be no peace in the Middle East, that the Middle East will make a third world war by doing this, we did it and there was no war.”

“Now we made the Abraham Accords (Abraham Accords) brought peace to the Middle East, and now the Biden administration is walking back and re-signing the nuclear agreement with Iran, which will all spell disaster for the United States and the Middle East.”

Pompeo said he remembered when Trump sent him to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un when he was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and at that time had a tough stance talking about heavy words “war and fury,” Pompeo said he said that at that time was not wanting war, but rather did not want war. “We ended up having two summit meetings in Singapore, Hanoi, Vietnam, and we brought back three American hostages from North Korea. From then to now, North Korea has not tested a single long-range missile or tested a single nuclear weapon, and we have not had a war, and that’s playing real diplomacy.”

“In addition to the American hostages we brought back from North Korea, we also brought back American pastors in Turkey, and we brought back the ashes of many American soldiers in North Korea. “America First” means that America will never forget its soldiers.”

“Do you remember Suleimani? Suleimani was planning an attack on the United States, but we got to him before they did, so Suleimani will never threaten us again, and let’s all applaud!”

Soleimani was a major general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and commander of the Quds Force, and the U.S. “beheaded” him with a missile, and there was no war between the two countries.

Pompeo is trying to tell everyone that the United States must adhere to its principles, be frank with others, and be bold. The United States of America’s firmness and fearlessness can stabilize the entire world, the bad guys do not dare to mess up, everyone respect the will of the United States. In this way, all the way down the road, everyone is walking through the danger as smoothly as possible. His foreign policy is actually quite successful.

Pompeo also said that the United States and Syria also drew a red line, but Syria used poison gas and weapons to attack women and children, and after being warned to do, “we hit more than 70 Tomahawk cruise missiles bombing Syria, to teach them a direct lesson. That’s the action we took, and we followed it up by playing it for real.”

“Now Biden is coming on stage and saying, America is back! America is back from what? What is he talking about? Boxes and boxes of U.S. money shipped to Iran so they can build nuclear weapons to fight us? Or do American warship soldiers have to kneel before the Iranians? Is this the kind of thing that comes back? Is it America coming back when Biden shuts down American pipelines and then helps Europe build them? The trade we have with China, are they going to resume doing business again? Take our jobs away?”

Pompeo said, “What do you mean come back? We’re the ones who went forward, we can’t go back, we’ve gone forward. And then when it comes to the “Culture of abolition,” a lot of our conversations are invisible, and my speech today, which is being televised, at least now, we have to hold on to American values and American principles around the world, including the Bill of Rights that came with the U.S. Constitution. The Bill of Rights tells us that the rights of the people are given by God, not by the government.”

“Our union will be greater, provided we will defend our principles and our history.”

Pompeo said that in the past as a secretary of state, around the world, he did not spend a dime of American taxpayer money on abortion. We value life, and around the world we are fully open to encouraging the adoption of children. It also includes putting judges on the court who respect life and respect anti-abortion.

“In Mexico, we work closely with the president and the foreign minister to negotiate ways to end the influx of people coming across the Mexican border, including drugs into the United States. All of this work is about defending the American family, the American community from being able to live safely, from having their free lives taken away.”

“Liberals always say they take care of the poor, but their union heads are so harsh on the workers, they say they take care of the children, but the children of the poor simply don’t have access to computers, and they can’t even talk about learning in the slums of the big cities where there is no basic safety. Schools must be reopened and children must go back to school.”

Pompeo said that when he was 100 pounds lighter as an active duty soldier 20 or 30 years ago, when the Democrats said they wanted to make America stronger, he knew they were not telling the truth. Pompeo said emphatically that they would definitely cut military spending and would cut the resources we worked so hard to get for the U.S. military and take them to go green and make the U.S. Army’s green uniforms into the far-left Congressman AOC’s Green New Deal. They say they want to weaken the police and can’t give them money, but on Capitol Hill thousands of National Guard troops are putting Congress under siege, policies that clearly contradict themselves.

Finally, Pompeo said, “America cannot go backwards. If we stick to our principles, then the stars of hope will always shine in the middle of the sky, we have to defend our gains, I will always stand over here and fight, and I hope to fight with everyone.”

Fang Wei analyzed that the foreign policy of this U.S. Trump Administration is really quite successful, and the U.S. has re-emerged as a world big brother who has something to say, who knows exactly what to do and what not to do, who maintains the world order, who moves in and out in an orderly manner, who has softness and hardness, in order to keep people on the right path. However, the U.S. history is actually soft, more dictators to adopt the “appeasement policy” more, as the old Chinese saying of country wishes, rotten people. Trump and Pompeo really brought the United States back to the very right place, not only for the benefit of the United States, but also for the benefit of all countries in the world.

Of course, the United States is currently entering another situation, at this time Pompeo to speak out his diplomatic thinking and achievements, said very clearly, Pompeo and his grandfather like not to play false, what is said is what, we all listen to a very clear. Justice is in the hearts of the people, we all know very well whose policy makes sense and whose policy does not.