While Biden abolished the 1776 Commission on his first day in office, U.S. House members introduced a bill to incorporate the 1776 Commission into law

Republican U.S. Rep. Ted Budd (R-Texas) told reporters Saturday (Feb. 27) during the 2021 American Conservative Union Conference (CPAC) that he has introduced a bill on the 1776 Commission to put the commission into law.

The 1776 Commission Idea

Congressman Bard said the 1776 Commission’s mission is to prepare a report on the “core principles of the American Founding” and to make recommendations to the President and the 250 members of the United States who plan to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States.

Rep. Bard explained that the 1776 Commission’s philosophy is that all people are given equal value from birth, and that these principles have been recognized since 1776.

“To say that the government has the power to tell you what you should do, or that the government has the power to tell you what you should be, is just plain wrong,” said Rep. Bard.

Reasons for the 1776 Commission

Speaking about the reason for the 1776 Commission, Rep. Bard told the Epoch Times that Trump (Trump) announced and signed the executive order establishing the 1776 Commission to counter Project 1619, which began two years ago.

“It (Project 1619) put slavery at the center of our national (historical) narrative. (But) that’s only part of our national (history) narrative, not the whole history. That’s why we formed the 1776 Commission to discuss our founding principles and why we established a state of law and not a (rule of) man state governed by those in power,” Rep. Bard said.

Bard criticized some in the media and the Biden administration for claiming that the 1776 Commission was racist. He said such claims are part of their “distracting narrative to distract people.

America has been marching toward freedom but is now moving backwards

Bard emphasized that the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and the 14th Amendment adopted by the states in 1868 are ample evidence that “America has been marching toward freedom. But he noted, “Now it’s going backwards.” He argued that those who call themselves progressives are in fact truly “regressive.

The congressman also stressed that progressives have a plan to grab more power.

“What we’re seeing now is that the devil is always blaming others for their own crimes. When the left is talking about racism, they are actually grabbing more power for themselves, which leads to more elitism. And that elitism is more racist,” said Rep. Bard.

Trump’s Executive Order Establishing the 1776 Commission

Trump announced the creation of the 1776 Commission on Sept. 17, 2020, and signed an executive order establishing the 1776 Presidential Advisory Commission on Nov. 2 of that year.

The Executive Order states that the political order of a nation founded on the founding principles of the United States of America is in harmony with “the laws of nature and the God of nature. Natural law and its traditions guarantee the right of man to preserve his Life and the pursuit of liberty and happiness, rights that are endowed by the Creator and that the government has no right to deny.

The executive order notes that in recent years, however, the cultural and educational community has defied history by denigrating America’s founding fathers, and many students are taught to hate their country in school. These historically uninformed students assume that the Founding Fathers were not heroes, but villains …… This has led to the concealment of truth and the disfigurement of history. If this distorted ideological perspective is not corrected, conflict could occur and ultimately sever the ties that bind the nation and Culture of America together.

Yet, on his first day as president, Biden abolished the 1776 Commission.

The 14th Amendment passed in 1868

The U.S. 14th Amendment, ratified by the states in 1868, granted citizenship to African-Americans, and all persons born in the United States were given equal protection under the Constitution.