Conservative coalition chairman: will successfully resist radical socialist policies

On the afternoon of November 8, 2020, the Trump campaign announced in Clark County, Nevada, an update on the election fraud investigation. Schlapp, a local Trump team representative and president of the American Conservative Union, said that more than 600,000 voter signatures on mail-in ballots in the state were not validly verified, and there were even instances of fraud such as dead people voting.

Schlapp’s American Conservative Union is involved in the creation of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the world’s largest and most influential gathering of conservatives. The theme of this year’s conference is “America Uncanceled.

In an interview, Schlapp said that conservative voices are often silenced by large social media platforms. Today, people’s political comments can be flagged by social media as too extreme at any Time, and people can be labeled as “domestic terrorists” or banned for their political views.

Schlapp likens the situation to the French Revolution, where there was no right side and no wrong side. Those who opposed those in power at the time could also be beheaded, Schlapp said.

Even those who held progressive views could have been silenced, Schlapp said, as was the case with journalist Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald has expressed his own views on the Communist Party’s viral Epidemic and disagrees with socialists on certain issues.

Schlapp added that while Greenwald himself has many progressive ideas, “had to leave the media platform he built because he didn’t follow the socialist line on everything.”

Social media companies are private entities that can make their own choices, Schlapp said. For example, in the old days, Twitter (Twitter) used to promote CPAC as a platform where everyone could express their political views, and it convinced CPAC’s followers to use its platform.

However, a few years later, when Twitter became powerful, it attacked those who believed in America and the Constitution, such as former President Donald Trump (Trump) and other conservatives.

Schlapp said, “When they tell everybody that they’re going to operate one way and then actually operate another way, there’s some kind of fraudulent tactic in their business.” He added, “They treat different customers differently based on their political views.”

Schlapp said no conservative would use its platform if Twitter had explained from the start that it would reject and monetize the voice of freedom.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Most U.S. companies don’t give money to Republicans who question the outcome of the 2020 election, but instead “fund socialist movements in the United States. But these socialist movements all believe that these (companies) should be nationalized, …… forfeited to pay taxes and regulated.”

Schlapp said half the people in this country suspect that there is some shady election-related deal. But because of all the media silence when people are asking questions, no one knows how big or important the situation is.

He encourages people to ask questions about the election and to talk about it more. People can find ways to work together if they are not shy about expressing their political views.

Many people questioned the election because it was the first time that 50 percent of voters voted by mail, which caused a lot of problems.

Schlapp believes, “People will wake up from this nightmare and say, enough! That’s enough!”

Schlapp said, “If they don’t, we’ll just keep fighting, because I think half the country is with us.”

Republicans versus the conservative movement

Schlapp said the conservative movement is growing rapidly, as is the American Conservative Union, because half of Americans are concerned about what happened in the election and the aggressive socialist radical policies being pursued by the Democratic Party.

Now is the time to fight,” Schlapp said. It’s a winnable battle, but it’s going to be tough, and we need everyone to get out there and fight.”

Schlapp sees his organization as a conservative movement, not a political party. But the conservative movement itself, he believes, is the biggest part of the Republican Party.

He said, “We are the heart and soul of the Republican Party. When the Republican Party forgets that, the Republican Party has failed.”

Schlapp revealed that former President Donald Trump is expected to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference and that many Republicans are concerned about whether Trump will participate in the primary. He advised moderates in power in the Republican Party not to fight the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again), but to embrace it.

Schlapp concluded that they don’t have to agree with everything Trump says or does, but should give him more credit. Because he is fighting for something they will only talk about.