Beijing pressure ineffective Taiwan pineapple came to a large number of Japanese orders

The Chinese Communist Party suspended the import of Taiwan pineapples without warning for non-trade reasons since March, seriously impacting Taiwan’s export market, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen today (28) south to visit the pineapple-related industry. Japan because of the memory of Taiwan 311 earthquake when the warm helping hand, recently also came to a large number of pineapple orders. Because the origin of Taiwan pineapple export is mainly concentrated in the green ruling counties and cities, a number of legislators analysis, mainland China to suspend the import of Taiwan pineapple, its “political intention” is quite obvious.

The Chinese mainland to stop the import of Taiwan pineapple, is expected to affect Taiwan’s export market of 90%, and this amount accounts for about 10% of the total production of Taiwan pineapple. The government of the Republic of China immediately announced the preparation of one billion yuan fund to regulate the market in response. Today, President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President Lai Ching-teh and Executive President Su Ching-chang will be divided into three routes to visit the main production areas of pineapples such as Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Tainan, and match a number of enterprises to subscribe for pineapples to convey the government’s market response mechanism and determination to assist farmers to overcome the difficulties.

Taiwan pineapple by the Chinese Communist Party to ban the import of non-trade reasons after the news, engaged in pineapple exported to Japan for many years, the industry said, just one day Japanese orders suddenly increased by 30%, but also received nearly 10 original Taiwan only exported to China for the fruit orchards hope to transfer the single message. The export industry revealed that The Japanese orders increased, in addition to the Japanese people have been to Taiwan in the 311 earthquake to extend a warm helping hand to express gratitude, and also and Taiwan fruit has gradually played a brand professional level.

Taiwan representative in Japan Hsieh Chang-ting said yesterday (27) on Facebook that he suggested that consideration could be given to providing pineapples in the nutritional lunches of elementary schools in Japan’s 28 Tokyo Olympic Games reception cities for Taiwanese athletes to do publicity.

Hsieh said that Japan’s Communist China virus (COVID-19) Epidemic has as well as will go to the last mile, and is now actively preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, which debuts in July. He said the pineapple is rich in nutrients, can improve immunity, help digestion, sweetness is also suitable for the Japanese taste. Therefore, it is suggested that consideration can be given to providing pineapples in the nutritional lunches of the elementary school of the 28 host cities of the Taiwan players of the East Olympics to promote Taiwan pineapples, and also at the same Time, Taiwan healthy Food exchange activities can be held.

The government of the Republic of China has been gradually promoting agricultural products to deep processing since last year, which can not only regulate the balance of production and marketing, but also market globally. (Photo source: Free Times)

According to Taiwan media reports, President Tsai Ing-wen realized as early as 2019 that the dependence of agricultural products on the export market of mainland China must be reduced. Therefore, in addition to actively expanding the markets of other countries, and has been gradually promoting the transfer of agricultural products to deep processing in 2020, not only can regulate the balance of production and marketing, and can no longer be restricted by quarantine factors to sell to the world.

Taiwan legislator Wang Dingyu said, “The economic and trade exchanges should be mutually beneficial, but the Chinese Communist Party often uses economic and trade exchanges as a weapon of interaction and for the purpose of political struggle. The Chinese Communist Party thinks that such practices can hurt the ruling Green camp, or the Green camp ruling local counties and cities, it is clear that with Taiwan’s internal collaborators, to spoil the ruling Green camp, as a means of political struggle.”

According to reports, Taiwan’s exports to mainland China’s largest fruit pineapple, this time used as a political sacrifice by the Chinese Communist Party, affecting the livelihood of farmers, but a careful inventory of Taiwan’s export market access. Worryingly, at present also includes betel nut, lotus fog, pineapple Sakya, grapefruit and orange, the Chinese mainland market are also accounted for more than 90% of export sales.

Legislative member Chen Ting-fei said that in order not to face the suppression of the Chinese Communist Party in the future, the government should put all the eggs in different baskets, so as not to be threatened.

New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi not only called on the ROC government to communicate with the Chinese side on trade, but also to take this opportunity to increase export channels and avoid a single market. He also said, welcome the original export pineapple to China farmers, willing to assist in marketing pineapple in New Taipei City.