Nanyang secretary in Beijing to open a commendation of poverty eradication was revealed to have been involved in a Ponzi scheme

Zhang Wenshen (right), secretary of the Nanyang Municipal Party Committee, promoted the “water-hydrogen engine” car project, which was once a sensation and later accused of being a “Ponzi scheme”. (Video screenshot)

As Zhang Wenshun, secretary of the Nanyang Municipal Committee in Henan Province, was receiving a medal for poverty alleviation from the Communist Party’s top leader in Beijing, his past “black history” was unearthed by mainland media, who then reportedly arrested him. Zhang Wenshun’s previously promoted “water-hydrogen engine” car project was once a sensation, but the project was accused of being a “Ponzi scheme”.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party authorities held a national summing-up and commendation meeting in Beijing for the fight against poverty. At the conference, Xi claimed that “98.99 million rural poor people have been lifted out of poverty under the current standards, and 832 poor counties have been removed from the list”. Xi also presented awards to representatives of “advanced individuals” and “advanced groups”.

According to the Nanyang Daily, seven people in Nanyang City were awarded the title of “Advanced Individual”, and the city’s municipal party secretary Zhang Wenshen was among them.

Among the 86 “advanced individuals” in Henan Province, Zhang is the only municipal party secretary in the province, excluding Shi Bingrui, director of Henan’s poverty alleviation office. Just last month, Shi Bingrui just replaced Zhang Zhanwei as secretary of the Jiyuan municipal party committee, who was removed from his post after being reported for slapping the secretary general of the municipal government.

On Feb. 25, microblogger Chen Hongtao, editor-in-chief of Red Reference magazine, tweeted, “The only one of the municipal party secretaries in Henan Province is a national advanced individual in the fight against poverty, which is really very good!”

In the picture attached to the microblog posted by Chen Hongtao, a picture showing Nanyang municipal party secretary Zhang Wenshun, with the words “I am blushing for you” written below.

Another picture shows Zhang Wenshen praising “very good!” in English after taking a ride in a prototype car during a 2019 study of the “Youth Automobile Hydrogen Engine New Energy Vehicle” project located in Nanyang.

A picture attached to a Weibo post by Chen Hongtao shows Zhang Wenshen praising “very good!” in English after taking a ride in a prototype vehicle during his research on the “Youth Automobile Water-Hydrogen Engine New Energy Vehicle” project. (Screenshot)

Henan media man arrested for exposing scandal of secretary

The senior mainland media figure He Guangwei posted a microblog on the 27th, saying: “I heard that this netizen named Chen Hongtao was taken away yesterday by “Safe Nanyang” (the official microblog of Nanyang Municipal Government) for using his public number to comment on the article of “Nanyang Release” (the official microblog of Nanyang Municipal Government). Nanyang Public Security Bureau official microblogging) yesterday. What’s going on?”

Netizen “torrent 1921” also said in a Weibo post, “Chen Hongtao, editor-in-chief of Red Reference and a media figure from Fangcheng, Nanyang, Henan, was taken away from his Home in Fangcheng on the morning of Feb. 26 by the authorities. It is suspected to be due to an article published by his public number ‘Fangcheng Story’, in which screenshots show that all the leading cadres such as secretaries at all levels in Nanyang City who have won national advanced individuals in poverty alleviation.”

It is not yet known whether Chen Hongtao has been released. The Epoch Times noted that in 2017, police in Fangcheng County, Henan Province, raided Chen Hongtao’s home in Fangcheng because Chen Hongtao, editor-in-chief of the Maoist-left media Red Reference magazine, had reported on the interception of petitioners in Fangcheng County, Henan Province. in 2018, the Red Reference magazine’s editorial office in Beijing was raided by more than twenty people from Guangdong police, and a staff member was charged with One staff member was detained on charges of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”.

Zhang Wenshen is famous for his nod to water-hydrogen cars

It is worth mentioning that the “water-hydrogen engine” car project, which was once praised by Zhang Wenshen, the secretary of Nanyang Municipal Party Committee, was questioned by public opinion as it claimed that hydrogen could be produced as fuel by adding water only, and then the media found out that the Nanyang Municipal Government invested 4 billion RMB in the project.

Before that, the developer of the “black technology”, Pang Youth, the actual controller of Youth Auto, had been listed as a defaulted executor for 20 times, and was subject to bankruptcy and liquidation by creditors. In late 2019, the company declared bankruptcy, after Zhang Wenshen’s endorsement of the company was questioned and the Communist Party’s official media published articles saying the company had cheated the state of new energy subsidies.

Zhang Wenshen, the Nanyang Party Secretary who once endorsed Pang’s hydrogen car and once became the focus of public attention, is now sitting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and has been honored by the Communist Party’s top leaders, but this Time he is again in the spotlight for his endorsement of the Communist Party’s mission to “eradicate poverty nationwide by 2020”.

In March 2012, the website of the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office published a list of poverty-stricken counties, including Tongbai, Xichuan, Nanzhao and Sheqi counties in Nanyang City, Henan Province, according to CCTV News. According to the 2011 adjusted list of national-level poverty-stricken counties, there are 832 poverty-stricken counties nationwide, and Henan Province accounts for 38 of them.

The report also mentions that Xinshao County had a “high-profile celebration” for being included in the list of national poverty-stricken counties. The Sanxiang Metropolis Daily pointed out the essence of the county’s “show of poverty,” which meant that the local government was entitled to hundreds of millions of yuan in poverty-alleviation funds. According to some private scholars, the Chinese Communist Party authorities are now eager to announce the “national poverty elimination” in order to save money, in addition to whitewashing their political achievements.