After receiving death threats, Wang Jingyu lost contact with her parents

After Wang Jingyu, who is currently overseas, was convicted for his comments on the Sino-Indian border conflict, his Parents were affected and are now out of touch. (Photo source: Weibo)

After being convicted for his comments on the Sino-Indian border conflict, Wang Jingyu, who is currently overseas, has had his parents affected, and his parents are now out of touch.

According to Wang’s latest reports to overseas media outlets such as Voice of America, Epoch Times, and BoXun, not only has Wang been threatened with death after his comments on the number of people killed and injured in the Sino-Indian border conflict, but the Chinese Communist authorities are also keeping his parents under 24-hour surveillance. Every morning at 6 or 7 a.m., Wang’s parents were taken to the police station and only returned Home at night, during which Time the police “basically didn’t ask any questions or understand the situation, but just kept them there without giving them a bite to eat.” After Wang’s parents returned home at night, a male and a female police officer came to his home, the male police officer and his father slept in one bed, the female police officer and his mother slept in another bed in the next room, and then escorted them back to the police station after dawn.

This state of affairs lasted at least until the 27th, when Wang lost contact with his parents.

Although his parents were also affected by Wang’s conviction for his words, he was relieved that they were very supportive of him. Wang’s father called him secretly a few days ago and said, “Don’t give up your ideal, you can’t back out of the battle, even if you have to die, you have to die with honor, history will remember you.”

Wang Jingyu’s father had served in the Communist Air Force and was assigned to the public security department after retiring from the military, and was also a deputy to the National People’s Congress in Shapingba. During his past work, Wang Jingyu’s father felt firsthand the corruption of the Communist government. Therefore, from the time he was a child, his parents taught him that “the Communist Party is not a legal political party, and from the time I was a child, my parents told me that you can only study science in school, and once the teacher talks about anything related to the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese government, you can sleep. Since I was a child, my father taught me to ‘climb over the wall’ and told me about the history that was rewritten by the official history, and that I should not believe the reports of the Chinese media”.

In Wang’s view, China’s laws are a means of maintaining stability. Wang Jingyu told the blog, “This is how the Chinese Communist Party has always been, persecuting Chinese citizens by criminal means in an attempt to keep everyone afraid, to keep everyone silent, to keep everyone living in its world of lies.”

Wang Jingyu is wanted across the border for three comments he posted on social media recently, including supporting the Indian army, questioning the number of CCP soldiers killed and wounded, and why it took so long for the CCP to issue relevant news. Wang confessed that the statements made questioning the conflict on the India-China border were directed at the Chinese Communist Party, “What I wanted to express was to express my anger at its suppression of human rights and persecution of human rights defenders.”

From Feb. 19 to 22, Chinese police reportedly hunted down at least seven people for “insulting and defaming martyrs.