Kuomintang legislators shout anti-communist experts: hope more people will wake up

Chinese KMT legislator Lin Weizhou (front center, file photo) recently shouted “I’m Anti-Communist” on Facebook, stressing that anti-communism is “the aspiration of the KMT”. Gao Weibang, chairman of the Taiwan Association for Investing in Chinese Victims, hopes that more people in the blue camp will wake up and oppose the Communist Party. (Photo source: Central News Agency)

Chinese KMT legislator Lin Weizhou recently shouted “I am anti-communist” on Facebook, stressing that anti-communist is “the aspiration of the KMT”. This. DPP legislator Hong Shen-Han said that Lin’s anti-communist rhetoric was a real eye-opener. The director of the Taiwan Association for Investing in Chinese Victims, Gao Weibang, hopes that more people in the blue camp will wake up to anti-communism and recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, just like Lin.

Lin Weizhou, a member of the Legislative Yuan, shouts “Anti-Communist”

Lin Weizhou, the former chief of the KMT Legislative Yuan caucus, posted on Facebook on the 15th, “The communist machine has been disturbing Taiwan non-stop, politics overrides everything, Culture is just a flap. Don’t say anything about (cross-strait) Family relations.” I am anti-communist, anti-communist is not the exclusive property of the DPP, I am proud of the free and democratic way of Life in the Republic of China on Taiwan! But this does not mean that there is no possibility of peace between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The ambition of the Kuomintang.”

A netizen said, “The KMT is most looking forward to you to reform the KMT, rather than the current stage trying to compete for these positions.” “This should be used as the main axis of the KMT’s slogan, and young people can accept this slogan.”

Hong Shen-Han: Lin Weizhou pointed out the “elephant in the room” of the KMT

According to the report, Hong Shenhan said in an interview that the KMT legislators like Lin Weizhou said “I am anti-communist”, of course, people feel a little bright eyes, “but indeed we also know that I am afraid that such a voice like Lin Weizhou is not the mainstream in the KMT”.

He pointed out that the mainstream of the KMT is still talking about the “1992 Consensus”, as well as the cooperation between Zhao Shaokang, who announced his candidacy for KMT chairman, and South Korea Yu, who is still talking about “relying on the United States for national defense and China (CCP) for the economy”. He believes that “the mainstream of the KMT is still proposing such concepts, which will not be accepted by the Taiwanese society, but we also hope that more people in the KMT, like Lin Weizhou, can point out the ‘elephant in the room’ of the KMT (meaning that the pro-communist issue of the KMT is too big to ignore). “.

Public opinion polls in Taiwan indicate that the biggest mainstream public opinion is anti-communist. Hong Shen-Han stressed that if the KMT does not respect the mainstream public opinion, it will be punished by public opinion.

Hong Shenhan also said that the DPP’s national security team’s approach is clear, whether in national defense or Taiwan’s security, “we do not go to provoke, but also do whatever should be done to prepare”, which is now one of the most important principles of national security. “Of course the international situation is also in the siege of the Chinese Communist Party”, he said, everyone in the process of siege, prevention of the Chinese Communist Party, “how Taiwan in the international face of the Chinese Communist Party, become a very important key role”, this is the Democratic Progressive Party has been doing efforts to do things.

“How to prevent and block the red infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party in Taiwan?” He pointed out that he hopes Taiwan society should have sufficient awareness of the Chinese Communist Party infiltration, “because we hope to prevent and block it, but sometimes it is pervasive, so how can Taiwan society identify the red factor, especially there are some attempts to control Taiwan, or make Taiwan dependent on the Chinese Communist Party, this part we should be particularly vigilant, the government should also come up with some institutional practices “.

Gao Weibang: The KMT does not have the support of mainstream public opinion for not opposing the Communist Party

Gao Weibang said, the two Chiang era of Taiwan people are anti-communist, it is because in the past the KMT was cheated by the Communist Party in the mainland, “in the Communist civil war many KMT generals, the surrounding were ambushed by Communist Party members, when many young people in the mainland were cheated by the Chinese Communist Party”, so the two Chiang presidential administration in Taiwan will have anti-communist Education. “But now most KMT people do not understand the evil of the Communist Party, so within the KMT anti-communist is a minority, which is also the problem of the blue camp pro-communist”.

“Lin mentions anti-communism because he understands Taiwan’s public opinion”, said Gao Weibang, adding that Lin hopes to reverse the KMT’s spindle on the CCP’s policy, because if the KMT continues to believe that being pro-communist is good for Taiwan, it will not get support, “then what does the KMT talk about election victory, no way to get the votes of the people, and What to talk about will be in power in Taiwan, this is impossible.

He hopes that more people in the blue camp will awaken like Lin Weizhou. “If the KMT doesn’t have this kind of awakening, let’s just be the party in power for a longer Time, I think sooner or later they will awaken!?”

Gao Weibang said that Taiwan is very much infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party, and the United States is now just as badly infiltrated by the Red. In fact, Taiwanese people have awakened earlier than Americans, especially Taiwanese businessmen who have been to the mainland for investment, and understand the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party once they have been in contact with it. The reason why he is anti-communist is that he became a victim of Taiwanese businessmen and found that the country established by communism is worse than even the Qing Dynasty, in the Qing Dynasty people could still stop the sedan chair to redress their grievances, but in the mainland to petition for grievances, the central government and the local community to unite to kill you, there is no rule of law to speak of.

I have written and published a book titled “Judicial Persecution of Taiwanese Businessmen in Mainland China” and “Investing in China – The Pitfalls You Must Know”, he said, adding that the two books are true stories of blood and tears of Taiwanese businessmen victimized by their investments in mainland China. “The Chinese Communist Party cannot even comply with the enforcement of the rule of law for the grievances of Taiwanese businessmen. In fact, the existence of such a country is not beneficial to the common people, but only to the privileged class of the Communist Party, so such an evil regime should fall as soon as possible.”