Germany sent medical aid to the Portuguese hospital actually belongs to the Chinese Fosun Group foreign media revealed: the EU countries rely on Chinese medical

Portugal’s new crown Epidemic is serious, the German military has decided to send 26 medical personnel to provide medical assistance, but a foreign media investigation found that the German military assistance is a five-star luxury private hospital in Lisbon, and the hospital belongs to the Chinese Fosun Group, accidentally revealing the EU countries in the medical dependence on China.

According to the Deutsche Welle, the place where the German military provided assistance is a five-star hospital, Luz Saúde, which was acquired by China’s Fosun Group in 2014 and became part of the globalization of the “Fosun big health industry”.

According to Portuguese government health officials, the government signed an agreement with the hospital to cover the costs of treating confirmed patients, but the hospital’s latest annual report shows that all treatment programs were carried out normally during the epidemic, and stresses that the hospital will continue to focus on creating benefits during the epidemic.

The hospital did not respond positively to this, but it said in a statement that Portugal is facing difficulties and that the hospital has no intention of making a profit from it, but has the primary goal of helping. Another journalist, Rui Barros, investigated and found that in the first six months of the epidemic, the Portuguese government paid about 40 million euros to Luz Saúde for medical services for the new crown pneumonia. He also pointed out that Chinese conglomerates own several medical institutions in Portugal, and that the top three medical institutions that received the most government funding were all closely linked to China, indicating the key role China played in the Portuguese government’s epidemic preparedness.

The report noted that although the medical staff sent by Germany represents only a part of the EU countries’ mutual support, it also accidentally revealed the EU countries’ high dependence on Chinese corporate hospitals for profit-making purposes.

The official website of Fosun Group published a news article entitled “Two appointments between the Portuguese Prime Minister and Chinese entrepreneurs”, in which Fosun Group Chairman Guo Guangchang was quoted as saying that Portugal has become the fourth largest destination for Chinese investment in Europe, after the UK, Germany and France, showing the expansion of Chinese investment tentacles in Portugal, while Luz Saúde owns 30 medical institutions in Portugal, including 15 private hospitals, 1 public-private partnership medical service hospital, 12 private outpatient clinics and 2 elderly residences.