Peking University professor called for the implementation of the Cultural Revolution’s “Go to the mountains and go to the countryside” movement, and was exposed for sending his own children abroad.

Yu Hongjun, professor of finance at Peking University’s Da Guanghua School of Management.

During the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, more than 16 million young intellectuals were sent to the countryside, causing many families to be torn apart and destroying a generation. Recently, the Beijing authorities, in order to solve the employment problem of young people, have actually renewed the slogan of “going to the countryside” for young people. Yu Hongjun, a professor at Peking University, even issued an article calling on the government to restart the “Go to the mountains and go to the countryside” program, but it was revealed that he had quietly sent his children to study abroad. In response, Chinese commentator Wang Yajun angrily criticized him for “sending his daughter to the mountains in the United States and his son to the countryside in Australia!”

In 2018, Yu Hongjun published an article titled “Peking University Professor: Suggesting the State Launch a New Era of “Go to the Mountains and Go to the Countryside Project,” which called on the authorities to take into account the financial crisis and other factors and recruit 2 million college students to work in rural areas as teachers, health care workers and agricultural technicians to solve the employment problem of young people.

However, a Chinese netizen recently found out that Yu Hongjun wants other people’s children to go to rural areas to support them, but sends his own son to study in Australia and his daughter to study in Boston in the United States, which is a double standard. Yu Hongjun, a professor of finance at Peking University’s Da Guanghua School of Management, now serves as executive deputy secretary of Peking University’s Party Committee and is also the dean of Peking University’s School of Marxism, responsible for the ideology component.

Wang Yajun on Twitter angrily acid Yu Hongjun, “the whole Family get foreign, back to advocate war, send their children out of the country, back to call for military, Peking University this is located in the professor, daughter in the United States ‘up the mountain’, son in Australia ‘down the country ‘” He blasted “from this, do not leave mainland China, you do not deserve patriotism!” The article also sparked a lot of debate among netizens, with some pointing out that “nowadays, all children are only children, who would like to send their children there?” The biggest patriotism is selling out the country.

Chinese commentator Wang Yajun criticized Yu Hongjun.