Zhang Jiadun: Chinese Communist Party deliberately exported the virus that murdered 2.4 million people worldwide

In a recent interview on the program, Gordon Chang, an expert on the mainland, discussed the Chinese Communist Party‘s ambitions in biological warfare, human experimentation, and Biden‘s stance on China.

He said multiple reports reveal that the Chinese Communist military has been collecting genetic data on foreigners so that it can be made to target specific DNA strands based on ethnicity.

Zhang believes that the CCP wants foreigners’ DNA data because it gives them more information to be able to research viruses that only attack certain ethnic or racial groups, so the more data they collect, the more information they have to do so.

The CCP has also banned the transfer of DNA data from mainlanders out of the country. This implies that they are up to something sinister. Zhang Jiadun said that although many countries around the world conduct biological weapons research programs for defense purposes, the CCP is deliberately pushing the CCP virus out of the country.

He said it is not yet known whether the virus was naturally transferred from animals to humans or whether it was an accidental leak from a laboratory. However, the actions taken by the CCP are very clear.

With the outbreak in Wuhan at the end of 2019 and the CCP only declaring the virus human-to-human on Jan. 20, 2020, Zhang said it would be highly irresponsible for the CCP to say nothing about the contagiousness of the disease. But the CCP lied about this issue. They try to tell the world that the virus is not contagious, when they know it is.

While blockading their own country, the CCP pressures countries not to impose travel restrictions and quarantines on people entering from the mainland. …… This means Xi must think that this will effectively export this virus to the mainland. You can only draw one conclusion, Zhang Jiadun said.

He said that the CCP deliberately spread the disease outside of China, which means that all the people who died outside of the mainland were the result of CCP murder, and 2.4 million people died, which is mass murder.

Zhang Jiadun Reminds Biden to Recognize the Chinese Communist Party

When asked about his views on Biden’s position on the Chinese Communist Party, Gordon Chang said that President Biden’s views are outdated and that he has a good, vague view of the CCP.

He criticized Biden for portraying the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide of the Uighurs as a “cultural norm” to the American public, saying it should not be done by a U.S. president.

Gordon hopes that Biden will realize and understand the malicious intent of the Chinese regime and warn that the CCP is not a contender in the existing international system, which Xi Jinping wants to replace.

Zhang also commented on the 2018 gene-edited baby incident on the mainland. He said, “It means one thing – the Chinese Communist Party has no moral boundaries on this. The experiment on twin baby girls drew the ire of the global scientific community because those types of experiments on the human genome are considered unethical.

John Ratcliffe, then the U.S. director of national intelligence, also previously said in an interview on Fox News that intelligence showed the Chinese Communist Party was using “gene editing” to strengthen its military in an attempt to dominate the world.

Ratcliffe warned that if the Chinese Communist Party is allowed to succeed, values such as individual freedom and free enterprise will be at risk. The Chinese Communist Party is altering DNA and has an army of 2 million, it is trying to make its military more powerful through gene editing, and it is trying to substantially dominate the planet and set the rules of world order.