India actively counteracts Chinese Communist Party in major vaccine diplomatic war reversal

According to a Feb. 26 Bloomberg News article titled “India beats China at its own game in Covid-19 vaccine diplomacy battle,” India beats China at its own game in Covid-19 vaccine diplomacy battle. diplomacy battle”, the article analyzes that a major reversal of the vaccine diplomacy battle is taking place, focusing on India’s aggressive attitude to defeat the CCP in the vaccine export war. The article also mentions the low credibility of the Chinese Communist Party‘s vaccines and its failure to keep its word and promises.

The HKSAR government and the pro-China media are brainwashing the public, just by trumpeting the diplomatic successes of the CCP vaccines, etc., without telling the truth.

To date, New Delhi has successfully shipped nearly 6.8 million doses of free vaccines worldwide. Public information compiled by Bloomberg shows that the CCP has pledged to provide about 3.9 million doses, some of which are not yet available. India has the capacity to produce the martial lung vaccine to help it counter the CCP in the hope of gaining greater political influence in all developing countries.

At first, Beijing seemed to have the upper hand, as it ostensibly suppressed the spread of the virus on the mainland last year and took the opportunity to accelerate vaccine production. India at the Time was completely occupied with trying to contain the spread of the virus, with nearly 100,000 new cases a day, while a national blockade plunged the local economy into its first recession in 25 years.

Yet once again, the CCP’s diplomatic warfare failed as events unfolded. Communist China’s pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to reveal details of their key vaccine trials, which are crucial to building credibility in the international community. The urgency of vaccinating 1.4 billion people is exacerbated by the mainland’s resurgence of the Epidemic in various provinces and cities, a move that could take years. Meanwhile, India has sent millions of doses of vaccines to neighboring Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka so that they can be administered immediately without waiting for the Chinese Communist Party to deliver them.

Beijing and New Delhi have long vied for influence in Asia, and tensions are rising rapidly after the outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus, which has led to the most violent border clashes in decades. India has recently officially banned a number of Chinese Communist apps, including TikTok, and has looked beyond the mainland for partners, again strengthening defense-security ties with Japan, Australia and the United States.

In Southeast Asia’s vaccine diplomacy war, take Myanmar for example, where Beijing has pledged to provide about 300,000 doses but has yet to see any vaccine delivered, while New Delhi has promptly provided 1.7 million doses. However, pro-China Indonesian President Joko Widodo has administered the CCP vaccine. But if you look north to the border with the mainland, Mongolia received 150,000 free doses of vaccine from India, and the Mongolian prime minister himself received them.

While Chinese vaccines are notoriously ineffective, Indian vaccines are also said to be less effective than those of Pfizer and Moderna. India is currently exporting Covishield, a locally produced Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and is exporting its own Covaxin injection for clinical testing. Once Covaxin is approved, demand for the vaccine in India is expected to surge.

For indigenous vaccination in India, authorities have said they will prioritize their own people, and the production capacity of Indian vaccines has outpaced the country’s ability to vaccinate the population, so some of it can be exported. Rashidul Mannan, who just received the Indian vaccine in Dhaka, Bangladesh, said, “People were wary of these vaccines because they came from India, but now that mistrust has largely disappeared and people are now more positive about India than they were before.”

The Chinese Communist Party is still exporting vaccines to Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, and some African and South American countries, among others, but the big reversal has already begun, and while India is actively fighting back, research and development in Europe and the United States and other countries will cooperate to bring down the bad products produced by the Chinese Communist Party so that they don’t plague the world.