Wu Jialong: Taiwan must pre-empt the duel outside

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait have raised concerns about the unification of Taiwan by force.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has frequently sent military planes to harass Taiwan, and the discussion about the armed reunification of Taiwan has once again become a hot topic of concern, while at the same Time, the national security team of Tsai Ing-wen’s administration has undergone major adjustments. This article compiles an excellent analysis of the future situation in the Taiwan Strait by Taiwan’s overall economist Wu Jialong.

With the Chinese Communist regime’s internal and external difficulties, the intensity of civil and military attacks on Taiwan has been increasing. Especially after the Biden administration took office, Chinese Communist Party military aircraft have been disturbing Taiwan more frequently. A number of scholars and experts have warned that CCP leader Xi Jinping is likely to use force against Taiwan.

In the face of the tense situation in the Taiwan Strait, on February 19, Presidential Office spokesman Zhang Dunhan announced that Chen Mingtong, former Director of the Land Commission, was transferred to the post of Director of the National Security Council (NSC); Qiu Taizan, former NSC advisory member, took over as Director of the Land Commission; Qiu Guozheng, current Director of the NSC, became Minister of National Defense; and Yan Defa, current Minister of National Defense, was transferred to the post of NSC advisory member.

The former NSC advisory member, Qiu Taisan, has been appointed as the Minister of National Defense, and the current Minister of National Defense, Yan Dehua, has been appointed as the NSC advisory member.

Taiwan’s overall economist Wu Jialong analyzed in a political program, Tsai Ing-wen’s government’s national security team reorganization, the focus is not the National Security Bureau or the Land Commission, the focus is actually the Ministry of National Defense, the United States is likely to have told Tsai Ing-wen, said to prevent the Chinese Communist Party to suddenly move against Taiwan, suddenly increase the military pressure on Taiwan. In addition to Dongsha Island, it is also possible that the Penghu or Kinmen, Matsu, the Chinese Communist Party will enhance the action, even to the direct military raid on the island of Taiwan, so in order to prevent a major move by the Chinese Communist Party, Tsai Ing-wen also has to make some preparations in advance.

Wu Jialong pointed out that the government of the Republic of China has repeatedly stated that it wants to pursue peace, the so-called “olive branch”, but the Chinese Communist Party does not accept the “olive branch”, the gentler you are to it, the more concessions, the more aggressive it becomes, so Therefore, “offering an olive branch” is sending the wrong signal. The Chinese Communist Party will interpret that its pressure is working, so it will continue to exert pressure.

Therefore, Taiwan’s apparent attitude of showing goodwill may be wrong and ineffective, because for the CCP, one of the key points of the socialist system is to seize other people’s wealth and power, etc. The whole concept of class struggle in the CCP system has never changed, nor has it ever wavered or disappeared.

Wu Jialong said that the concept of class struggle will always be extended outward to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Southeast Asia is the same, that is, “can take as much as possible to take, can squeeze toothpaste as much as possible to squeeze toothpaste, to the time of failure, well then to talk about it.”

Now Taiwan’s approach is to show early dare to fight, dare to show a strong national defense position, is to build a strong national defense, so that the Chinese Communist Party feels that this way to engage in seems to be not the way, it may be restrained some.

Wu Jialong believes that if Taiwan wants to choose to make peace with the CCP, then it will keep squeezing you and forcing you to make more concessions, “so any moderate attitude may lead to more pressure rather than solving the problem. This applies to Taiwan as well as to the United States and Japan.”

The sooner you get tough with the CCP, the more you might instead make it possible to actually talk about solutions that can solve the problem, but of course, if there are such solutions, it is also important to first put pressure on the CCP and step on its red line, so that it knows it can no longer be a rogue and must talk seriously about it.

Wu Jialong said that the so-called agreement negotiated by the Chinese Communist Party has absolutely no sincerity to comply with, to implement, so the agreement with the Chinese Communist Party is not very useful, in fact, are dragging time, so Taiwan’s national defense must rely on their own strong defense determination and defense strength, “we want to block the invasion force outside the country, rather than let others fight in, we do a duel with others in our territory. “

Wu Jialong stressed that Taiwan must over-deploy and duel outside its borders, or even pre-empt them if necessary, so that the other side cannot have any intention to Taiwan, which is what Taiwan’s national defense has to do. So Taiwan’s focus, in fact, is not to engage in negotiations with the Land Commission, or the National Security Bureau of what strategic analysis, but the Ministry of National Defense itself should begin to redeploy, the Taiwan Strait side of the air and sea response programs, strategies, forces, really able to deter the Chinese Communist Party’s military stupidity after the real talks between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is possible.