A sip of hotel mineral water Sanya tourists disinfectant poisoning

Recently, drinking water provided by a hotel in Sanya led to an elderly tourist being diagnosed with disinfectant poisoning. The picture shows the victim receiving treatment in the hospital. (Video screenshot)

Recently, there was a drinking water poisoning incident in a hotel in Sanya, Hainan. An elderly tourist was diagnosed with disinfectant poisoning after drinking the mineral water provided by the hotel. After the incident, negotiations between the two sides failed and the hotel moved several official agencies and refused to pay compensation.

Shanxi Mr. Lv’s Family traveled to Sanya on February 19 and stayed at a resort hotel in Sanya Yalong Bay that afternoon, where the hotel provided two bottles of free mineral water to each room.

Around 6 p.m., Lv man’s mother-in-law drank a mouthful of mineral water provided by the hotel and found that the mineral water tasted strange.

Mr. Lv said that his mother-in-law’s bottle of water had a very strong disinfectant taste, when the hotel front desk staff also said the taste of this mineral water is really not right.

Mr. Lv returned to the room, found his mother-in-law vomiting symptoms, at 10:30 that night she was sent to Sanya City People’s Hospital, diagnosed as disinfectant poisoning, the need for gastric lavage.

Both sides failed to negotiate the hotel moved out of the official body

The mainland Sohu website reported on February 25, citing Sanya Radio and Television that afterwards, Mr. Lv asked the hotel for the bottle of mineral water to leave evidence, but the other side said “the cleaning staff threw it away,” and said “the hotel front desk monitoring is broken.”

Mr. Lv then called the police, but the police station personnel did not bring law enforcement recorder, the hotel manager said the monitoring is broken, the police station personnel left, to be punished in accordance with no monitoring, the matter is under further investigation.

At present, Mr. Lv and the hotel failed to negotiate – Mr. Lv hopes to get 200,000 compensation; the hotel said it was not clear where Mr. Lv’s mother-in-law drank the water from, and said “the case has been reported to the Tourism Bureau, the Management Committee and the police station has been jointly investigated, any data and circumstances have been reported to the public authorities, government agencies.”

The manufacturer of the bottle of mineral water, Nongfu Mountain Spring, said that samples will be taken for testing.

The matter has not yet had a clear result.

This matter has sparked a lot of debate among the mainland people. Weibo users said, “This is to kill people which!” “It’s scary.” “What a mess.”

There have been previous incidents of Food poisoning in hotels on the mainland. For example, on August 27, 2018, after an academic conference at a hotel in Guilin, Guangxi, hundreds of attendees suffered from food poisoning after a dinner party and successively developed fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms that night.

On October 30, 2017, more than 70 people developed diarrhea after a meal at a four-star hotel in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

On August 12, 2012, some tourists successively developed fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea after breakfast at the Sanya Guoguang Hao Sheng Resort and Spa in Sanya.

In addition, the safety of drinking water on the mainland has been a cause for concern. Nongfu Mountain Spring had been caught in the “quality door” in 2013, when an interview with a former water plant under Chongqing Water Resources Investment Group water production team leader was informed that the mainland bottled water raw materials from the tap water, through a special process into bottled water. Chinese companies can not meet the standards of the purification process, only through the addition of chemicals, to add some chemicals in large doses, harmful to humans, some will cause cancer, the industry would rather drink boiled tap water, rather than buy bottled water.