Cotton’s Speech at CPAC Departure from Traditional Values is the Greatest Threat to America

In a speech at CPAC on Friday (Feb. 26), U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton emphasized that the greatest threat facing the United States today is not an external enemy, but a departure from its own traditional values. He claimed that rebuilding patriotism is an imperative. (Photo credit: video screenshot)

Senator Tom Cotton gave a speech entitled “Keeping America Safe” on the second day of the CPAC conference. He began by saying that people who hold conservative ideas, even ordinary Americans, are being suppressed by leftist ideology everywhere today.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton: “Big business could take your job, big tech companies could shut you down, the liberal college you go to could kick you out of school, your liberal governor, could shut down your church.”

Cotton said that no matter what the banner of political correctness the extreme left flies, at its core it is anti-American and seeks to destroy the American system because they have lost that “unambivalent appreciation of America” that President Reagan once spoke of. America.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton: “They want to deny our beautiful Declaration of Independence. And for America’s core promise: “All men are created equal in the sight of God, and all men are equal in rights under the law.” , “There are too many people (on the left) that no longer believe that.”

Cotton warned that the greatest threat to the United States itself is a departure from its traditional values, as opposed to the danger posed by foreign powers.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton: “There are many threats to this country, whether it’s from China (Communist Party), Iran, Islamic terrorism, but none are more harmful than the denial of our founding principles and traditional values.”

Cotton stressed that the United States now desperately needs to awaken its people to their most simple patriotism, and that when the American spirit is under attack, people must stand up and defend America.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton: “More than ever before, we need that simple, steadfast, tangential patriotism. When America is threatened, when conservative ideas are attacked, we will never stand back, we will never surrender, we will always defend the United States of America.”