Former agent exposed: Biden, he really is in big trouble

The Gateway Pundit reports that Dan Bongino, a prominent host and former Secret Service agent, has shockingly revealed that my Secret Service sources tell me that Biden is “in serious trouble.

Over the weekend, Australian journalist Cory Bernardi was the first mainstream media host to report that Biden had an apparent dementia that anyone would have noticed. No liberal media outlet in the U.S. has forcefully pointed to —– Biden’s mental trance. Biden is in an accelerated phase of cognitive decline.

Corey Bernardi shared this view on Friday: “The biased and malicious mainstream media has such a deep hatred for Donald Trump that they don’t highlight anything that could derail Biden’s victory. Even now, after his swearing-in, many still refuse to tell the truth.”

It’s no secret to Gateway Pundit readers that Joe Biden is in serious mental decline, according to the report. Anyone paying attention will find out that Joe Biden is a dementia sufferer, just ask his handlers and wife!

However, if you still believe the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know about it. Despite Joe Biden’s apparent mid-stage dementia, the so-called mainstream media are protecting him and lying to the American people.

The Gateway Pundit says this may be the biggest media scandal of the century so far – which is telling when you think of the Russian conspiracy hoaxes these media outlets have been pushing for years!

On Thursday night, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino told famed Fox host Sean Hannity just how bad Joe Biden’s dementia really is.

Former agent Dan Bongino said, this is what I got from my sources. Sean, it gives me absolutely no pleasure to say this. I’m serious. Joe Biden, he’s in really big trouble. Listen to me, everyone around him, everyone knows, everyone knows, how bad he really is, and that’s the scandal they’re not telling you about …… I’ll tell you what I’ve heard from my friends, everybody knows how bad the situation is, everybody , it’s not a mystery, it’s the worst kept secret in the White House.

Sean Hannity:That’s a cover-up.