For the first time in half a century, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the elected student body cut

The Chinese University of Hong Kong issued a statement on Thursday (25), criticizing the newly elected Student Union Officers’ Association for making statements that may violate the National Security Law and damage the university’s reputation, demanding that the Student Union be registered as an independent association or company and assume legal responsibility on its own, as well as suspending the provision of venue support for the Student Union Officers’ Association, which is tantamount to cutting ties with the Student Union. This is tantamount to cutting off the student union completely.

The following day, our reporter went to the administration building of CUHK, hoping to get a response from the president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Duan Chongzhi, but he was still not seen by noon. The reporter called the president’s office, but the staff said it was inconvenient to disclose whether the president was working or not.

Duan Chongzhi said in an interview a few days ago not to give up on young people, but the second intervention in the operation of the student union, so he was subject to a lot of criticism.

In addition, some CUHK alumni launched a joint signature of previous members of the CUHK Student Union, expressing “extreme indignation” at the university’s actions, saying that since the establishment of the CUHK Student Union in 1971, the university has never taken such drastic action to hinder the operation of CUHK student organizations, criticizing the university’s actions, obviously suppressing freedom of expression on campus, student autonomy and student organizations The university has been criticized for this action, which clearly suppresses the freedom of expression, student autonomy and the space for student organizations to survive. By Friday (26) noon, more than 3,000 people had signed the letter.