North Korea’s foreign traffic is halted, Russian diplomats return home on “flatbeds”

North Korea has taken strict precautions against the Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) Epidemic, halting most foreign traffic and leaving Russian diplomats in Pyongyang to take their own “flatbeds” out of the country, much to their surprise.

The BBC reports that North Korea has blocked most transportation facilities to prevent the virus from invading the country, banning cars and trains from entering and leaving the country since early last year, and almost ending international flights. The Russian Foreign Ministry shared on Facebook that the North Korean border has been closed for more than a year and transportation options are extremely limited. Russian border.

As you can see from the photos, the flatbed was filled with Sorokin’s Family‘s luggage and seats for the rest of the family, who had spent 32 hours on the train and two hours on the bus beforehand. After crossing the border, Russian officials were waiting to greet him and take them to Vladivostok airport.

Many countries closed their embassies and withdrew their diplomatic staff last year due to the North Korean lockdown, and most travelers crossing the border into China by land.