Wang Yajun, a commentator who offended Hu Xijin, was blocked from the entire Chinese network

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a hawkish mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, recently forwarded a video of the wounded PLA chief Qi Fabao shouting at Indian troops during last year’s Sino-Indian conflict, saying that “men should die just like these soldiers on the border”. The independent Chinese commentator Wang Yajun (Wang Qiaozui) bet three months of his salary that Hu Xijin would not dare to let his son go back to war, and Hu Xijin became angry and criticized Wang Yajun as “worse than a eunuch. Wang Yajun revealed that he has been blocked from the entire network in China!

Wang Yajun tweeted on February 25, declaring, “The downside of messing with the royal grips (Hu Xijin) …… is to be killed in the domestic local network (network), no more numbers.” The posting also posted a screenshot of the “account permanently blocked” by WeChat.

The screenshot shows that “the offending content is:” Wang Qiaozui: Hu Xijin teacher you misunderstood, please listen to my explanation! “

Then, Wang Yajun posted a video of his speech on his YouTube account (click here for Wang Yajun’s video), saying that his WeChat public number, Headline, ShakeYin, and Racer were blocked from the entire network because he had offended Hu Xijin!

Wang Yajun was detained by Chinese police for 10 days after he wrote several articles last year about the Wuhan Epidemic. He tweeted on the 20th: “Hu Xijin teacher speaks with passion and fighting spirit, I firmly support Hu Xijin teacher’s initiative, also take a stand, if Hu Xijin son graduated from abroad to go to war, I donate 3 months salary! “

These words made Hu Xijin’s sanity cut off and he choked Wang Yajun in a Weibo post: “You are also worthy of saying this about Laohu? Old Hu has been in the military for 11 years, after being a journalist to experience two wars, heard the chirping sound of bullets whistling past his ears. You’re a bloodthirsty snob who’s not even as good as a eunuch, but wants to prove he’s still noble! “

Hu Xijin’s anger bar Wang Yajun China’s network has sparked hot debate, and many openly support Wang Yajun: “Old Hu was dislike (criticism, choking) anxious eyes, finally the original shape, and eunuchs and villainous, on this quality! “There are also people to fill the gun:” you Hu editor and more than one son, not there and female subordinates born several illegitimate children, you so many children, the motherland needs to send to join the army that is how honorable thing ah! “

Last October Hu Xijin had been kicked out of his son’s immigration to Canada. In December of the same year, Hu Xijin was reported by the Global Times deputy editor-in-chief Duan Jingtao, saying that he “had an improper sexual relationship with two female subordinates and had an illegitimate child respectively”.

Wang Yajun’s latest article led to him being permanently blocked and sparked heated debate on Twitter.

Some netizens responded, “This gripper plate even the deputy’s real name report can be fixed, block you but a small matter. “”Not only gripper plate gnawing bones, sometimes anxious also bite people. “”This gripper plate, in front of the master is a pet dog, in front of the people is a mad dog.”