China’s cancer incidence and mortality rate is the first in the world, pollution is the main culprit

Smokestacks at a steel plant in Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province, are emitting polluting exhaust gas, Feb. 17, 2018.

The latest data from the World health Organization shows that China will still be ranked first in the world for cancer in 2020, with 4.57 million cases and more than 10,000 people developing cancer every day. At the same Time, cancer death figures are more than 3.5 times higher than the second highest in the world. Wu Lihong, who is known as the “Taihu Lake Defender,” said that all this is due to the industrial pollution of the Chinese Communist Party‘s reform model, and that the mainland Environmental Protection Bureau is actually an unprotected bureau.

According to a chart compiled by the mainland’s Xinjing News, there will be 19.29 million new cancer cases diagnosed worldwide in 2020, with the top five countries in the world being China (4.57 million cases), the United States (2.28 million cases), India (1.32 million cases), Japan (1.03 million cases) and Germany (0.63 million cases). Among them, China has twice as many diagnosed cancer patients than the second largest country in the world, the United States, with an average of 12,500 people diagnosed with cancer every day.

At the same time, the total number of cancer deaths in the world last year was 9.96 million, of which China accounted for 3 million cases, the highest in the world, and more than 3.5 times more than India, which ranked second with 850,000 cases.

In addition, lung cancer has the highest incidence and death rate in China, followed by colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and cervical cancer.

Moreover, the age of cancer patients is gradually getting younger, and even the cancer diagnosis rate of children under 5 years old has directly increased by 2% from 1990 to 2017, which is the highest growth rate among all age groups.

Wu Lihong, a Wuxi-based private environmental expert known as the “Taihu Lake Defender,” told the Epoch Times that this is the result of industrial pollution on the mainland, which cannot be eradicated at once even if these companies stop working.

He argued that the Chinese Communist Party’s reform and opening up of the country over the past 40 years has led to an industrial revolution, with all kinds of people running businesses that have become a kind of fledgling industry with high energy consumption, high pollution and low output.

He stressed that this pollution forms a pattern of mutual harm. “First of all, chemical emissions lead to water pollution, polluted water irrigation plants, resulting in soil is also polluted, soil pollution leads to crop pollution, we eat polluted crops human body absorption, so the formation of a kind of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution triggered by Food hazards, so now is a well of cancer.”

Wu Lihong introduced that as early as twenty years ago when he was doing a project with the relevant research institutes, they talked about the cancer problem when they were reported by the land media. “At that time, it was published in the South Window, that is, twenty years later, our cancer in mainland China will be a blowout period, and now it is, the situation is still fresh in my mind. So lung cancer in the mainland is very powerful.”

The age of cancer patients is getting younger and younger, Wu Lihong said, “There is no need to investigate, some of my friends around me, some of them died of lung cancer at a very young age, they can’t even see it in the cancer hospital, they can only wait for death. The air pollution on the mainland is so serious and dangerous that it is very destructive to human organs and directly destroys the vitality of the human body. This is something very heartbreaking.”

He believes that is the closure of these enterprises, China’s pollution problems 50 years, hundreds of years, I’m afraid it is difficult to eradicate.

He stressed that the rural areas burn straw, firecrackers and car emissions for the holidays, these things are extremely harmful to air pollution. “Chinese civilization for thousands of years, from the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and so on are burning straw, burning firecrackers, but also burning stoves, never ecological pollution problems.”

“Now for several years do not burn straw, why is pollution still so serious? The key is that they propaganda to avoid the heavy. But high energy consumption, high pollution of the chemical industry, machinery industry and other such industrialized revolution on the ecological environment damage, (official) but downplayed, or not reported, but instead this burning straw, firecrackers on New Year’s Eve to make a big deal.” He said.

Wu Lihong disclosed that the original discharge of enterprises was scattered and easily detected by the outside world, but now the discharge is unified with a pipe network to discharge, which is not easily detected. He now reflects to the environmental protection department about the discharge of sewage from local enterprises, and they respond that it is not under their control, but under the control of the government.

“China’s environmental protection bureaus are just not insurance bureaus, no one cares, and the central and local environmental protection bureaus kick each other’s asses. I’ve been calling for this for decades, and last month that enterprise in front of my house, the water conservancy project found a bloodbath at the bottom of the river when it was dredging, like the red meat of pancetta, with red mud and blue mud, which means it’s still discharging.” He said.