Trump CPAC: The first 30 days of the Biden administration was a disaster

In a speech Friday (Feb. 26) on the second day of the American Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump‘s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. bluntly called Biden‘s first 30 days in office a disaster and encouraged conservatives to continue to speak out despite the crackdown.

Donald Trump Jr: “The first 30 days (of Biden’s presidency) were a disaster, and everything that the (mainstream) media lied about not happening, happened.”

Donald Trump Jr. cited problems with the Biden Administration‘s administration since taking office, including: not opening the country to illegal immigrants in the midst of an Epidemic, but opening the border to illegal immigrants, resulting in the detention of hundreds of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children; and not going to cut off Russia’s oil pipeline, but instead cutting off America’s own pipeline.

Donald Trump Jr: “More importantly, who would have thought that it’s only been 33 days and we’re back to bombing the Middle East.”

Donald Trump Jr. noted that 17 percent of voters who voted for Biden in a recent poll regretted it because of the mainstream media’s censorship and suppression of conservatives, leaving those voters uninformed about the Biden Family scandal.

Donald Trump Jr: “But working together in unity, we can win this battle, we have to speak out, we can’t be pushed into a corner, we have to come out and get involved, and that’s why everybody is here.”