The 20 years of the strange disappearance of the left kidney The net that the evidence can’t break – The 20 years of the disappearance of the left kidney

The bride price is 188,000 yuan, and the two families have agreed on a date. The first night, the matchmaker brought the news, “blew it, too your son less a kidney. “

The “ironclad Marriage” once changed, Wu Bi grain cried. She is determined to use their own way, to their son Zhou Fubin to discuss a statement.

In 1997, 7-year-old Zhou Fubin went to Guixi City People’s Hospital in Jiangxi Province for an operation due to a car accident, and the pre-operative CT examination showed that “both kidneys were normal”. 2004, he went back to this hospital for a CT examination. In 2004, he went back to this hospital for CT examination, and the result was “left kidney is missing”. The medical records show that Zhou Fubin had only had this one operation and was discharged with a good recovery after the operation.

Where did the missing kidney go? Zhou Fubin had 11 examinations and five judicial appraisals, and Guixi City People’s Hospital has been fighting for years. The court finally ruled that “it is impossible to confirm whether it is lacking or atrophied and its cause”, and the hospital gave 150,000 yuan in compensation according to the principle of fairness.

The Zhou Family‘s Life of fighting lawsuits and making identifications lasted for years, and at one point, a superficial settlement was reached with the hospital due to local government coordination, until the affair fell through.

Zhou Fubin’s depression seemed to pass quickly. He left his hometown and went to work in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, to think of a bigger world. His mother, Wu Bi granule, however, was always stuck in place. She carried the materials of her son’s case on her back and traveled from Guixi to Yingtan, from Nanchang to Beijing, to the judicial department and the Bureau of Letters and Visits, trying to find answers.

In October 2020, the Guixi People’s Court sentenced Wu Bire to two years in prison for repeatedly disturbing the social order and constituting the crime of provocation and nuisance.

After Wu Biren was convicted, Zhou Fubin began to run around for his mother’s case again, as she did for him back then. He drove a borrowed car around, “walking on the road, the heart is solid, or feel sorry for my mother. “


The operating room lights up, the child is covered in blood, lying on the bed, there is still consciousness, grunting and speaking Minnan. The mother, who was standing by, went to listen. Soon, the operation began, a door separating the two.

Zhou Fubin clearly remembered the childhood accident, January 29, 1997, he was 7 years old, playing in the street, was crushed by a small agricultural four-wheeler, was sent to Zhoufang Town health Center, Guixi City People’s Hospital rescue.

The operation lasted from noon to night. Wu Bi grain while waiting, while dropping tears, thinking that her son has been “bad life” since he was a child. She has an older son, because of “family planning”, almost did not have Zhou Fubin.

Her husband, Zhou Qiqi, is a veteran, and his brother, Zhou Qicai, is a village and township cadre, who needs to take the lead. Two months pregnant, Wu Bi grain to go to the induction of labor injection, her turn, just when the potion is out, have to wait another day. After one night, Wu Bi grain in a car to Fujian mother’s house, secretly gave birth to Zhou Fubin.

Since then, the eldest son in Guixi by grandparents, Wu Bi grain and her husband, the youngest son Zhou Fubin long-term life in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

Wu Bi grain is a tailor, there are stores in Fujian, the most Time with thirty or so apprentices, life is good. By the time Zhou Fubin school age, because of household registration problems can not be enrolled in school, the three moved back to Guixi.

After returning to Jiangxi, Zhou Fubin had fallen into a ten-meter-deep well while playing, stuck inside for more than two hours before being rescued. Less than a month after moving back, he was involved in a car accident.

Wu Bi grain blame themselves not to watch the child. The next day, Zhou Fubin woke up and could only talk weakly to his mother. He could not speak Jiangxi yet, only Minnan. For the first few days, he couldn’t even eat liquid Food and kept calling out “mommy”, so Wu Bijie used a cotton swab dipped in some water to wipe his cracked lips.

After being discharged from the hospital, Wu Bijie took more care of the child. She bought a goat and kept it in the yard, milking it every day. The goat’s milk had a stinky smell, and the two children were reluctant to drink it, so Wu Bijie told the children, “I’ll give you a dollar for a bowl of goat’s milk.

At that time, some people in the village went to the mountains to hunt field chickens, one sold for more than ten yuan, Wu Bi grain often bought for the children’s health. She was a good seamstress, and back in Guixi village, there was also a lot of business, there were often several people with her family as apprentices.

In the 1990s, the Zhou family was the first to lay floor tiles in the village. Wu Bi grain hardworking, handy, the village people know that her family conditions are good. When Zhou Fubin was 10 years old, someone secretly put a baby girl in front of Wu Bilie’s house, with 200 yuan and birth date in the package, and wanted her family to raise her.

Wu Bi grain also want this daughter, but the family already has two sons, does not meet the conditions for adoption, can only send the child to the orphanage. She couldn’t let go, and left 600 yuan to the orphanage before she left.

Wu Bi grain believe in God and Buddhism, to tell the fortune, after the son a few frightening encounters, the fortune teller said, “the disaster will not die, there will be a blessing, (the child) will grow up to be very smart. “

Kidney loss

Primary school, Zhou Fubin’s results ranked second in the school, assigned to the top class. The top 80 in the town are in this class.

Each semester, according to the results of the class, the second semester, he was “squeezed” out. At that time, and Zhou Qiqi divorce Wu Bi grain back to Fujian, Zhou Fubin live in the same village aunt’s Home, mental state is not good, grades plummeted.

In June 2004, Wu Bi grain rushed back to Guixi, took Zhou Fubin to the People’s Liberation Army 184 Hospital in Yingtan city ultrasound examination of the left kidney, “no kidney echogenicity”. The doctor suggested further examination.

The doctor said, “less a waist”, either congenital lack of, or acquired surgical removal, asked Wu Bi grain, the child has not done kidney-related surgery.

Wu Bijie thought of the only surgery her son had undergone after the car accident in early 1997. Over the years, she has been careful to keep two copies of Zhou Fubin’s CT films from that year and took them to PLA 184 Hospital the next day.

The CT films taken before the surgery showed that Zhou Fubin had a contusion of the left lower lung, blood in the right chest cavity, a ruptured spleen, and normal kidney morphology and density. After the surgery, the discharge CT film was taken only to the chest film, the left kidney position was not taken on.

A finger-long scar lying on Zhou Fubin’s abdomen, the right chest and right abdomen still have two coins large drainage holes, in addition, no other injuries. Wu Bi grain and ask the doctor, get a more positive answer – Zhou Fubin “before surgery there are two good kidney “. The doctor took the pre-operative CT film and told Wu Bi grain, “This is ironclad evidence. “

Wu Bi grain to “car accident perpetrators do not pay money to litigation” as the reason, to Guixi City People’s Hospital, smoothly get Zhou Fubin 1997 medical records. In fact, the two did not dispute, Zhou Fubin later explained to the “Southern People Weekly”, that is in order not to cause the hospital alarm, can be foolproof preservation of evidence.

In June 2004, Zhou Fubin went to Guixi City People’s Hospital and Guixi City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for CT examinations, both concluding that the left kidney was missing (editor’s note: missing, meaning that the tissues and organs that should have been in the human body were missing), and in July, he went to Guixi City People’s Hospital again for examinations, and the conclusion remained the same.

In May 2005, they and the hospital “negotiated In May 2005, they “negotiated” with the hospital, and a conflict occurred.

Wu Bi grain, Zhou Fubin’s brother and several relatives involved in this conflict were imprisoned for half a month for “disturbing the order of the unit” and paid a fine.

Zhou Fubin only found out about this when he returned home from his weekend vacation. His father told him to study hard, “in the future, there will be no one to bully us. Zhou Fubin listened and wept silently.

Later, Wu Bi grain couple decided to go to Nanchang to “cry out for justice”. They found the village retired old school principal with a brush in the center of a white cloth wrote a large “injustice”, and wrote down what happened, standing at the side of Nanchang Bayi Square, hoping to get attention The retired journalist Hu Lunkui noticed them.

Retired journalist Hu Lun Kui noticed them, understood the whole story, and has been helping to write materials to reflect the situation for more than ten years since then. More than 100,000 words of material, Hu Lun Kui let Zhou Fubin bound in different categories, even the font size are clear instructions.

“Grandpa Hu is the editor-in-chief, I am the typesetting. “Zhou Fubin told the journalist, a material, back and forth proofreading often took several days. Zhou Fubin has to work during the day, and can only check with Hu Lun Kui at night, sentence by sentence, word by word, sometimes until one or two o’clock in the morning. He let Hu Lun Kui early rest, Hu refused to say, “can not finish, I can not sleep. “

Hu Lun Kui is 84 years old this year, his eyes do not see clearly. He found the interview transcript, which recorded the first meeting with Wu Bi grain couple, “I pay attention to more than ten years, is the longest time, they poor ah. “

From 2004 to 2007, Zhou Fubin has been to Guixi City People’s Hospital, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the Third Military Medical University Daping Hospital and other more than ten times to do the examination. All the kidney examination medical records show that the Zhou family went to the hospital on their own to do the test results are “lack of such as”, the courts at all levels commissioned by the third party to do the judicial Appraisal results are “atrophy”.


On August 31, 2004, Zhou Fubin did a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi Medical College, and the report concluded that the left kidney was not visible (renal agenesis or ectopic pelvis). Soon after the expert consultation, the conclusion changed to “left kidney atrophy”. Zhou’s family brought the materials of this examination to Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and Professor Zhao Yuxiang, who received the examination, said, “Real film, fake report. “

In August 2006, the People’s Court of Guixi City made a first instance decision on the case of Zhou Fubin v. Guixi City People’s Hospital, rejecting Zhou Fubin’s request for a lawsuit. In 2008, the Yingtan Intermediate People’s Court ruled that the Guixi People’s Hospital should compensate Zhou Fubin a lump sum of 150,000 yuan. Zhou Fubin appealed to the Jiangxi Provincial High People’s Court, and the appeal was rejected in 2009.

After years of lawsuits, Zhou Fubin ate a lot of hardship. He remembers doing a kind of imaging examination in the PLA 184 Hospital, the first day to eat laxatives, to get rid of everything, tied a pillow-like thing on each side of the waist, has been pressed into themselves, there will be a strong sense of suffocation; also to play a kind of enhanced imaging potion, the whole body pain, like a high fever stabbing pain lasts a couple of minutes. Wu Bi granule accompanied him and asked “does it hurt”, but he did not say anything.

After the first trial, Hu Lun Kui found Hu Shaotong to be the proxy for this civil lawsuit. Hu was the director of the radiology department of the No. 442 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (now the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fuzhou General Hospital).

Later, during the trial, Hu Shaotong believed that the CT could not conclude “atrophy”, and questioned the “identification” made by Yingtan Medical Association, Jiangxi Provincial Medical Association and Shanghai Judicial Appraisal Center. The appraisal letter, that “no left kidney shadow” in the film, but the conclusion mentioned “the morphological and structural signals of the left kidney are identical to those of the right kidney”, and “the left kidney is atrophied The conclusion, however, mentioned that “the morphological structure of the left kidney is identical to that of the right kidney” and that “the left kidney is atrophied. Hu Shaotong asked to appear in court to cross-examine the identification experts to measure the film in court, the two sides argued, the trial was not concluded.

Zhou Qicai had represented the Zhou family to the Shanghai identification unit to do identification. He recalled that the original identification conclusions on the same day, and then delayed to the next day, and then to the next month, and finally the conclusion became “left kidney atrophy.

In December 2006, Yingtan Intermediate People’s Court to Guixi City People’s Court wrote an “internal opinion letter” for the medical malpractice damage dispute, decided to “remand to your hospital, but not your hospital wrong case. The letter suggested that the case should be heard with more attention to mediation work, and strive to mediate the case.

Lawsuit for several years without results, moving around to do identification, a little empty of the Zhou family. Zhoufang town government sent people several times to persuade the Zhou family, promised to Zhou Fubin arranged urban low-income insurance (local urban low-income insurance payment amount is higher than rural low-income insurance), and so Zhou Fubin grew up, arranged for him to work in the town government.

Zhou Qiqi thought, in the future, his son has a preparation, equal to have a guarantee. Wu Bi grain opposed the “reconciliation”, and Zhou Qiqi quarreled many times. People from the town government advised her, “Signed than win the lawsuit is better, more cost-effective, will always take care of your son”, and let the town government work in the Zhou Qicai and Zhou Fubin’s cousin to Do the work, “when to do when to work. “In July 2008, the two sides signed a Letter of Agreement”, a number of participants on the scene confirmed the matter.

Wu Bi grain said that the final choice to sign is “for the sake of the children in the future (work) have security.

The original point

Zhou Fubin eventually did not become the “establishment” of the people. The town government suggested that he could come to do contract work, but Wu and his wife disagreed.

He and Wu Biren later went to the town government several times to find the mayor and secretary, but they said they could not be arranged with the establishment. This is different from what the Zhou family envisioned, Zhou Fubin has a cousin died on the front line of the floods, was named a martyr, and then the cousin’s sister smoothly into the town government work, with the establishment and in line with the provisions.

Zhou Fubin’s Parents believe that in rural areas is to do manual work, less a kidney, is not the workforce, the “establishment” represents a long-term security. “The contract is temporary workers. “

Zhou Fubin had other plans. He was working as a plumber in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, “there is work to do, no punch card. He liked the life there belonged to the city, weekend to go outdoors climbing, camping, tenting, watching the stars, do not want to live in the system, the framework.

In 2015, after being introduced, Zhou Fubin fell in love with a girl two years younger than him in the next village. Half a year passed, talking about marriage, the two families set a bride price of 188,000 yuan. Wu Bi grain once felt that marriage has been “ironclad thing”.

Zhou Fubin let the matchmaker tell each other “kidney” thing, he did not mention before, and did not know how to speak. The day before the betrothal, the woman backtracked. The girl’s father said, “the man less a kidney, it is not sound, after the middle-aged sickness, daughter no protection. “

The marriage fell through, completely broken Wu Bi grain. Throughout the Spring Festival, she washed her face with tears every day. Zhou Fubin look in the eyes, did not cry, but also no way.

This is the first time he felt “less a kidney” on their own impact, he hurriedly fled back to Yiwu. Friends gathering, someone jokingly said “men can not be without kidneys”, he went up and kicked each other. That year or two, he spent in misery.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. “, but he insisted on wanting to experience. When he came back, the family ate as usual, no one mentioned the matter of being a soldier.

For more than ten years, Wu Bi grain has been living in “did not look after her son” in the self-blame. She tried to find a way out for her son, but the result was that the lawsuit did not go well, and a secure job could not be negotiated, and even a daughter-in-law could not marry. Wu Bi grain think, the root of the “kidney”, then go to the kidney, to give her son a claim.

On the road

After taking a bus from the village to Guixi, she took a long-distance bus to Yingtan, and then took a train from Yingtan to Nanchang and Beijing, which is a familiar route for Wu Biren. She usually chooses a sleeper berth on an ordinary train and arrives in Beijing the next morning, saving a day’s accommodation fee.

The Jiangxi Provincial High Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Prosecutor, and the State Bureau of Letters and Visits are places that Wu Biren frequents. Along the way, she also met other people who had similar experiences.

Zhou Xiuzhen, 64, thus met Wu Biren, a native of Shangrao, Jiangxi, who was also running around for her son’s affairs. The two lived together in Beijing in the suburbs for 10 or 15 yuan a night, with no hot water and sometimes having to hit the ground.

Wu Bieliang felt sorry for her son if she stopped, not willing to stay in her hometown, outside, walking on the road to make her peace of mind. Seeing the news of Nie Shubin’s vindication, she felt more confident. Nie Shubin’s mother has also petitioned several times, “Can’t I? I am also a mother ah. “

Zhou inspired a more practical idea, think his wife’s efforts are difficult to get results, “the bottom can be solved, the bottom to solve. “He spent 23 years in the village committee, the 2017 general election, he was disqualified. Wu Bi grain complained, “you do your job at home, you do not care about your son. “Zhou inspired to persuade her,” are pro-son, who does not hurt it. “

The family’s life is not as good as before, Wu Bi grain while working and running. Zhou Xiuzhen remembered that Wu Biren “working very well”, she sometimes washed dishes in restaurants to earn money, there are crafts, once in the garment factory to do more than a dozen sets of cotton jacket a day. She once made more than a dozen sets of cotton jackets a day in a garment factory, “earning two or three hundred dollars”.

However, Wu Bi grain not long in the garment factory, someone came to her, not to let her work in the factory, or else to the factory power off. The wages were not settled, and Wu Bijie left Beijing in a hurry. People from the town government told her, “You come back, how much money is missing I give. “

Zhou Fubin recalled that in 2017, the town government came to talk, let Wu Bi grain from Beijing to come back, “the government to make up for your working money”, to 13,000 yuan, reimbursed the bus ticket The second time was in 2018, this time The second time was in 2018, and this time the “hardship assistance” was 15,000 yuan.

These accounts were also recorded in the report of Guixi City’s letter and visit matters as “work done to stabilize them in the local area, from help and relief”.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The niece of Zhou Qiqi, who works in the town government, was arranged to accompany Wu Biren.

In the evening, the two walked, the niece advised Wu Bire, so old, don’t toss and turn in the future. Wu Bijie didn’t say anything and left quietly in the night.

The niece sent her text messages, phone calls, “you want to go can not go away in my hands, I also have a responsibility. “Wu Bi grain did not go far, and was soon found.

In January 2020, Wu Biren was arrested by the Guixi Public Security Bureau on suspicion of provocation and nuisance. In October of the same year, the Guixi Municipal People’s Court held that his behavior constituted the crime of provocation and nuisance and sentenced him to two years in prison after the end of the letter, repeatedly non-visiting in sensitive locations, causing serious disorder in public places and disrupting social order.

Wu Bi grain appealed. Zhou Fubin went to Beijing and asked lawyers Du Minghuai and Li Xianfeng to do legal assistance. in December 2020, the two lawyers successively submitted the “Application for Court Session” and received the request from the court to hand in the defense statement.

January 20, 2021, this reporter came to Guixi City People’s Court to understand the case, the court staff said, “the main leader in the meeting, the sub-leader in charge of the business trip, they just returned from surgery for completed injuries, do not understand the case. “Since then, the reporter called the phone, are unanswered.

Wu Bi grain of poor health, the custodial system in the custody of the hospital for a period of time. Zhao Qing, who lives with her, said Wu Biren is now whiter and less hair, and does not know where the problem is.

There are stores inside, so the family can call money and be able to buy something to improve their lives. Zhao Qing spends more than a thousand dollars a month and can live comfortably. Wu Bi grain does not allow the family to play money, in the inside for three months only spent 800 yuan, very frugal.

The mystery

Because of the petition, Wu Bi-gran was twice administratively detained, and also received re-Education through labor, but she never stopped. This time convicted, Zhao Qing relayed, Wu Bi grain in the inside said, “not to go to petition, can not get, useless. “

Zhou Fubin was listening to his mother’s encounter and changes, “she is desperate, not admit it. “

For many years, Zhou Fubin and family members have been persuading Wu Bi grain not to petition. Said more, sometimes Wu Bi grain rebuttal, “to get a statement”; more often, she fell into a long silence, and then according to plan backpack, on the road.

Zhou Fubin has his own ideas, the car accident that year, surviving has not been easy, these years are lucky, “free”, should live well, to see the sunrise and sunset, to Pitch a tent to see the stars, “people live once in a lifetime, why should I be dull for this thing. “

A few years ago, he has signed up to volunteer to donate his body, is “lack of such as or atrophy”, one day the truth will come out. I would like to make this clear, but I don’t care about one less kidney. “

In 2007, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law’s expert opinion suggested that to determine whether the left kidney was missing or atrophied, the final method was to open the abdomen to explore the body. The final method is to open the abdomen to explore.

In order to find out the truth, Zhou Fubin in 2007, 2018 has submitted to the Guixi City People’s Court “request for dissection (open) exploration application”, “would rather suffer another knife to end this doctor and patient’s unnecessary arguments. “

Cesarean section is an invasive surgery. Zhou Fubin said, “can have an end, not to let the mother worry about this again. “However, the court did not accept his application.

“Really willing to disembowel? ” the journalist asked him.

Zhou Fubin said no, give 10 million is not as good as healthy and alive, but this is his determination, there is a need, he will cut.

“Do you blame your mother in your heart? “

Zhou Fubin shook his head, “she is as a mother, for me to ‘find a kidney’. “

The sky is getting dark, the car drove forward, the rolling hills in the rain continue to retreat. Zhou Fubin pulled down the car window and hummed in Minnan, “The sky is dark and wants to fall rain. “He remembered when he was a child, his grandmother’s place are such melody, uncle’s house has patches of orchards, he and his little friends always chase, fooling around, running around.

Years later, recalling the past, he murmured, “I hope everything is a dream, wake up I am still in elementary school, I do not know if there are no kidneys, or not. “

After school, he would sneak off with his buddies to go swimming, just behind home in the reservoir, and catch frogs in the pond. Tired of playing, go home, his mother was waiting in the yard to count him, “can not go into the water, you do not listen again. “

(The person in the article Zhao Qing is a pseudonym)