Look at the menu! What did Mao Zedong eat during the three-year famine?

April 26, 1961, several staff members together with the chef for Mao Zedong carefully ordered a Western cuisine, two dishes Soup recipes. From the preserved Western recipes, the menu includes seven Western dishes series, namely fish and shrimp, chicken, duck, pork, lamb, beef, soup.

Mao Zedong like to eat fish and shrimp, Western cuisine, fish and shrimp production methods are also colorful and unique flavor. April 1961 to develop the Western menu includes the following exotic fish and shrimp: steamed fish pudding, iron steak gui fish, fried (fried) gui fish, soft fried gui fish, grilled fish green, Moscow red grilled fish, custard hundred grilled fish, grilled fish with vegetables, spinach and orchid boiled fish, iron steak prawns, grilled shrimp kyu, shrimp noodle box, fried prawns, curry prawns, casserole prawns, soft fried prawns, lettuce prawns and so on.

In the early 1960s, when the staff developed the Western menu, the names of these unheard of Western dishes were listed in the chicken category: butter chicken rolls (chicken cutlets), soft fried chicken cutlets, chicken patties, chicken yuan, king chicken patties, shredded chicken, potted chicken, red casserole chicken, chicken stewed with scallions, chicken stewed with bok choy, chicken wrapped in paper, chicken diced mince, coconut chicken, cream chicken, etc. Mao Zedong did not like beef and lamb.

Mao Zedong did not like beef and lamb, perhaps he disliked some of the stinky beef and lamb. He was in a lot of meat in the only love of pork unrepentant. early 60s staff to develop a Western menu, taking into account this feature of Mao Zedong, especially for its arrangements for a small suckling pig, so that it can do fat and lean, both sides. Mao Zedong ate the following Western dishes of pork: roast pork chops, roast pork leg, fried pork loin, fried pork chops, distilled pork chops, French pork chops, Italian milk pig and so on. As for beef and lamb, because Mao Zedong did not like it very much, thus only occasionally mixed with some varieties into it. Mao Zedong ate beef and lamb in Western cuisine: lamb skewers, roast lamb leg, roast horse steak, white braised lamb, fried lamb chops, fried lamb liver, beef steak, fried beef, curry beef, voltaic beef, sour beef, braised oxtail and so on.

Mao likes soup, almost every meal has a small bowl of soup. Western Food in the soup variety, and each has a special flavor. In the 1960s, Mao Zedong ate Western soups such as cream soup, oxtail soup, beet soup, chicken soup, loin soup, onion soup, saffron chicken soup, dumpling soup, red fish soup, pureed vegetable soup, rice soup, assorted soup, chicken and abalone soup, chicken soup, noodle soup, long beard vegetable soup, etc. ── (The above text is extracted from: “Mao Zedong’s Relics” – Red Flag Publishing House, November 1996 edition)

Professor Ding Lyric once said: “The central government knew that tens of millions of people had died of starvation in rural China. But Mao Zedong didn’t care.” In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the “Great Famine”, which was called “three parts natural disaster and seven parts man-made disaster” by then President Liu Shaoqi, killed at least 35 to 40 million people according to the county records of China at that Time. Mao Zedong was offended by Liu Shaoqi’s speech and said that the expression “three parts natural disaster, seven parts man-made disaster” was “the language of the peasants”. But at the same time, people believed the Chinese Communist Party‘s claim that Mao had stopped eating roast pork in order to share the people’s suffering.

I don’t know if Mao really doesn’t eat roast pork anymore, but if I eat the above dishes every day, I don’t want to eat any roast pork.