China’s distressed returnee master’s degree to sell scrap party media blow monthly income of 50,000 fake big flop raw material prices soaring, Guangdong manufacturing industry facing huge pressure

Wang Yajun, a commentator who offended “Hu Grizzly”, was banned from the Chinese Communist Party‘s entire network

After China and India withdrew their troops from the standoff area, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, took the opportunity to encourage his son to “die for his country”. Chinese commentator Wang Yajun mocked Hu Xijin by tweeting that he did not dare to let his son go back to the battlefield, and Hu Xijin became enraged and posted angry accusations against him. Wang Yajun was then blocked from the Chinese Communist Party’s entire network.

Independent commentator Wang Yajun (Wang Qiaozui) tweeted on Feb. 25, “What happens when you mess with the imperial grifter (Hu Xijin) …… is that you get killed in the domestic local network (net) and run out of numbers.”

The posting posted a screenshot of a WeChat “account permanently blocked”. The offending content reads, “Wang Qiaozui: Hu Xijin teacher you misunderstood, please listen to my explanation!”

Wang Yajun then posted a video of his speech on his YouTube account saying that his WeChat public number, Headline, ShakeYin and Racer were blocked from the entire network because he had offended Hu Xijin!

He also said that the whole environment in the country now, there is no room for a single voice, no matter what you say, no matter who you scold and who you say. And flirted that the whole network blocked have needed to be grateful, thanks to the grace of not killing.

The price of raw materials soared, Shenzhen, Dongguan area manufacturing costs have increased greatly business is difficult

Since this year, including copper, oil, including a variety of raw material prices have risen sharply, a number of manufacturing enterprises in the Shenzhen and Dongguan areas of Guangdong face enormous pressure of rising costs.

Since January this year, oil prices continue to rise, WTI Crude Oil futures from the end of January 52.1 U.S. dollars / barrel, up to the current 62.65 U.S. dollars / barrel, less than a month up by 20%.

The mainland media “Securities Times” reported on Feb. 25 that Mr. Xu, the head of Dongguan Gaosu Plastic Products Co.

Its purchase data show that the price was 7,800 yuan/ton in mid-January, and now it is more than 9,000 yuan/ton. A month up more than 1,000 yuan / ton, due to the large amount, he last month a machine to use an average of 165 tons of polyethylene, a steep increase in costs.

Ms. Hu, who runs a communications electronics business in Baoan, Shenzhen, said, “I’ve been a factory for more than 10 years, and I don’t have the impression that it has gone up so much, not in one category, but in most categories. Not up 3, 5 points, but 10%, 20% up.”

Recently, including the new, Michelin, Giti tires, including a number of tire companies have announced that due to the price of raw materials, will increase the price of some products. Not long ago in late January, there have been more than 10 companies have issued a notice of price increases in tire products, the rate of increase ranging from 2% to 6%.

Home appliance industry, raw material costs account for most of the proportion of operating costs of 70%-90%, raw materials rose once triggered a plunge in home appliance stocks.

China’s mainland “accounting firm a brother” repeatedly fraudulent, on the verge of closing down and emptying the building

Once known as the mainland “accounting firm a brother” of the Ruihua accounting firm, is on the verge of collapse, the loss of accountants, branch offices have been written off. The firm was once a major player in the industry, and in 2019 it sued the Chinese Communist Party’s Securities Regulatory Commission.

The mainland media reported on Feb. 24 that, according to public information, Ruihua & Co. had canceled 19 branches as of Feb. 23, while 21 others were in existence or in operation.

However, an employee of one of the branches revealed that more than 19 branches were actually in the process of being cancelled, 19 of which had completed business registration and cancellation procedures, while many others were in the process of losing staff and clients.

Ruihua Accounting Firm was established in April 2013, is a private enterprise, once the scenery. It has an internal branch of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and many people serve as expert members of the CPC Ministry of Finance, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and other institutions, and its partner companies include more than forty CPC central enterprises and more than three hundred and forty listed companies.

On February 9 the Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants issued an announcement saying, “It is agreed that Ruihua CPA Firm (Special Ordinary Partnership) withdraws its party committee and all organizational relations of the former affiliated party members are transferred to the party committee of Beijing Guofu CPA Firm (Special Ordinary Partnership).”

Interface News on the mainland quoted an insider at the Ruihua firm as saying, “People are almost gone, there is no need for the party committee to exist.”

The sea return master sell scrap? Official media said monthly income of 20-50,000 was mocked by the group

China’s fresh graduates are about to have one of the toughest employment seasons. In this context, the official media in Chengdu recently reported that a returnee master “quit his high position” to join the ranks of scrap buying, and was actually able to earn 20,000 to 50,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) per month.

According to the Red Star News, which is under the supervision of the Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office, 31-year-old Zhang Quan, a native of Xinjiang, first returned to Xinjiang to work after obtaining his undergraduate and master’s degrees in the United Kingdom, and then settled in Chengdu, where he worked as a car salesman and financial industry analyst. Later, he “quit” his job as a financial analyst and joined Sichuan Waste Collection Ape Environmental Company, becoming the company’s most educated “grassroots waste collector.

According to the report, Zhang Quan chose to collect scrap because of the “high income”, each full truckload of cardboard can earn “hundreds of yuan”, if you work more than 16 hours a day, monthly income can reach “tens of thousands of yuan “.

This seems to be a repeat of last year’s official media touting the night market stall owners in Nanchang, Jiangxi as earning “at least 30,000 yuan or more” a day. At that Time, netizens ridiculed that this income is “money-printing machine level”. Now the network is self-deprecating, satirical voice.

“When I saw this news, I was at a loss for words: a returnee studying in the UK to collect scrap? Study hard! If you don’t study, you can’t even find a job collecting scrap…I admit that my three views, oh~ also my five senses, were mercilessly smashed to pieces ……”

“How to increase the people’s sense of access? Basically by blowing. The CCP has the mouthpiece media make up lies, for example, a sea-returned female doctor quits her million dollar annual salary to drive a tractor and grow land, earning 100 million a year! A beautiful woman quits her job of 10,000 yuan to carry a sack of scrap to make her Life a poem! Nanyang female college students back home to raise cattle, the company’s annual output value of more than 40 million yuan …”

“Oh, this type of propaganda is actually anesthetizing the bottom of society, the logic behind it is that there is no bad industry, only people who do not do a good job.”

Having three children? Northeast big sister angrily dislike the Chinese Communist Party: can you change the generation of the scourge?

Recently, a video of a northeastern sister angrily disliking the Chinese Communist Party’s proposal to let northeasterners have more children has been circulating on the Internet. Last Thursday, the CCP’s health Care Commission proposed to take the lead in fully liberalizing population birth restrictions in the Northeast to address China’s plummeting birth rate. The northeastern sister said bluntly: Can we change a generation of people Huohuo?

Here is the full text of the Northeast big sister’s video in which she angrily dislikes the Chinese Communist Party’s policy: “Is our Northeast a hot topic again these days. Didn’t the experts say we need three children? I just want to know if you can change the generation HuoHuo.

When we were kids we were told that it is good to have only one. Yes, now it’s all become one child, one for each Family. When we grow up, we are told to have three children. I don’t even know how to feed one, but still let us have three children.

It’s funny, are you giving me a house and money, or a car, or a unit, to have three children! What do I have? I’ll give birth, don’t even have the function to give birth. The four old ones above, you want me to make three more children waiting to be born? You can just kill me, you. Can you change the generation of people pit? Everything should be 80s, 90s.

Aigoo my goodness! You give birth! Yes, you do it! You experts are rich, you can afford to have children, and your genes are good. What the hell? The more you say, the more angry you get.”

China’s Communist Party is secretly building a “full-scale military base” in the South China Sea as a “maritime outpost”

A U.S. technology company has analyzed satellite photos and found that the Chinese Communist Party is building a massive construction facility on Mischief Reef to turn it into a military base. (Internet)

A number of Western media outlets recently cited a report by a U.S. technology company on the situation in the South China Sea, saying that according to satellite photos, the Chinese Communist Party is building military facilities on the disputed Mischief Reef and intends to fully upgrade it into a military base.

Apple Daily reported that Simularity, a U.S. technology company, released a “South China Sea Rapid Alert Report” on Feb. 16 based on satellite photos showing that seven locations on the Chinese-controlled Mischief Reef, more than 100 nautical miles from Palawan Island in the Philippines, have been under construction from May 7, 2020, to Feb. 4, 2021. The report shows that seven locations on the CCP-controlled Mischief Reef, located more than nautical miles from Palawan Island in the Philippines, have changed significantly between May 7, 2020 and Feb. 4, 2021.

These include a circular building foundation that began construction in early December of last year, after being an empty lot in May of last year; a new radome at another location on the reef; a new structure that appeared in October-November of last year; and satellite images from this year showing the demolition of structures at some locations on Mischief Reef.

Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines’ Institute of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, said in a recent CNN report that the new facilities indicate a long-term plan by the Chinese Communist Party. The addition of the new radar indicates that the Chinese Communist Party is enhancing the function of the artificial islands, which it intends to turn into “full-scale military bases.

The woman posted an article revealing the 7 tragic circumstances of Wuhan’s closure and was heavily sentenced for provocation and harassment

On April 4, 2020, Zhang Wenfang was sentenced to six months in prison by the Chinese Communist Party after posting a lengthy article on Weibo using the screen name “Marilyn Mengliu” about the tragic situation of civilians in Wuhan during the Epidemic. (Screenshot from Twitter)

The article reveals the 7 worst cases of Wuhan’s closure! Chinese woman sentenced to prison. Zhang Wenfang, a woman from China’s Hebei province, was sentenced to six months in prison on September 8 last year after posting an article on Weibo revealing the tragic situation in Wuhan during the city’s closure due to the pneumonia epidemic.

On September 23, @SohuNews released a news release – “Marilyn Mengliu”, a Weibo user who “spread false information about the Xin Guan epidemic”, was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

In April last year, Zhang Wenfang posted an article on Weibo under the name “Marilyn Mengliu” to reveal the tragic situation of the people, including the fact that 1,000 people shared a toilet in Wuhan Fangzhai Hospital, that some people starved to death during quarantine, that some people committed suicide because they had nowhere to go for medical treatment and were afraid of infecting their families, that some people committed suicide for six hours before their bodies were disposed of, and that some people were punished by the police station for writing “Some people dug their own graves and hanged themselves for fear of infecting their families, and some people found their families dead after they returned home from serious illnesses.

In September of the same year, Zhang Wenfang was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison for provocation.

Xiang Huaqiang immigrated to Taiwan dream shattered! He was shocked to spit out Beijing’s dark secrets: pro-communist people began to worry themselves

The Taiwan Immigration Department issued a press release on February 26th, pointing out that the case of Xiang Huaqiang and his son’s application for residence in Taiwan, after consulting with the relevant units to review, that there are “Hong Kong and Macao residents to enter Taiwan and residence and settlement permit measures” Article 22 of the situation, according to the provisions of the residence permit is not permitted.

Since Xiang Huaqiang had publicly supported the Chinese Communist Party’s enactment of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, and his wife Chen Lan had published articles condemning Hong Kong youths during the “anti-China sending” period in Hong Kong, and his son Xiang Zuo was a member of the All-China Youth Federation under the Communist Youth League, the application was highly publicized. The application has attracted a lot of attention from the outside world.

In response, Taiwan legislator Lin Junxian wrote on Facebook that “Xiang Huaqiang’s case sets a precedent for rejecting the immigration of pro-Communist individuals.

Lin further explained that Xiang Huaqiang’s case is so important not just because of his background, but because of its indicative role. The situation in Hong Kong has taken a sharp turn for the worse in the past few years, and even many long-time pro-Communists have begun to feel self-conscious that they too may become targets of the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan, just across the sea, has become one of their emigration targets.

However, Lin Junxian believes that since these pro-communists decided to side with the CCP in the first place, it means they have already made their choice, so of course Taiwan has the right to reject them. Although Taiwan is an immigrant society, we only welcome people who agree with our way of life, and we will never allow those who act against Taiwan through immigration, and this is the greatest meaning of Xiang Huaqiang’s case.