New York City Superintendent of Education abruptly leaves mid-semester, first African-American successor

New York City Superintendent of Education Richard Carranza announced on March 26 that he will officially end his duties as superintendent of education on March 15 and will be replaced by Bronx School District Superintendent Meisha Ross Porter, who will become the first African-American superintendent of education in New York City.

Carranza, who was hired by Mayor Bill de Blaise in March 2018 following the retirement of former Superintendent of Education Carmen Farina, said on March 26 that she has had the same goal and mission since taking over the position of Superintendent of Education, which is to help the New York City public school system reach its full potential and serve its students at its best.

Carranza promotes the concept of equality and excellence in education, but soon after taking office he and Whitehouse proposed the abolition of the Special High School Admission Test (SHSAT), which has caused great outrage among the Parents of Asian students attending special high schools, and has been fighting against the policy for years, and Carranza’s advocacy of phasing out gifted classes and eliminating screening admissions has been resisted by Asian parents.

After the outbreak of the new crown (CCP virus), a series of problems in the process of reopening New York City public schools also made more parents unhappy. A few days ago, the city’s public middle schools just reopened, Carranza announced that he would leave in two weeks, causing an outcry from parents and teachers of students.

The new Superintendent Porter has more than 20 years of public school experience, she joined the Board of Education in early years as a teacher at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, then became the school’s principal, then she served as superintendent of School District 11, and in 2018 became the Bronx Senior Superintendent of Schools, managing School Districts 7 through 12, containing 361 235,000 students within the schools.

Porter said taking over the largest public school system in the middle of an inter-Epidemic semester was extremely challenging, but she promised to make sure all schools reopen as quickly and safely as possible, and emphasized her commitment to providing mental health services for students when she returns to school.

Carranza, who was born in Arizona and whose grandfather immigrated to the United States from Mexico, has served as superintendent of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) in Texas and superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District (San Francisco Unified School District).

Porter will take over as the first African-American superintendent of education in New York City.