Li Ka-shing regained his position as the richest man in Hong Kong…more than half of the 10 richest people are over 90 years old

The financial magazine Fubishi announced the list of Hong Kong‘s richest people in 2021, the Cheung and Li Ka-shing’s shareholding in the U.S. listed company Zoom share price soared, personal wealth rose by 20% to 35.4 billion U.S., re-entering the richest person in Hong Kong.

The newspaper Economic Times reported that the members of Fubishi Hong Kong’s top 10 richest people list are exactly the same as last year, only the ranking order has changed, mainly because Li Ka-shing returned to the richest position.

Li Ka-shing was overtaken by Henderson Land’s founder Lee Shau-kee last year, giving up the title of “richest man in Hong Kong” for the first Time in 21 years. Fubishi statistics, this year’s total wealth of Lee Shau Kee almost did not move, staying at 30.5 billion U.S. dollars, but Li Ka-shing increased by 20% to catch up. Therefore, Li Ka-shing returned to the richest, Lee Shau-kee dropped to the second place, New World Development Chairman Cheng Ka-chun ranked third, with wealth of 22.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Li Ka-shing invested in Zoom as early as 2013, last year the Epidemic ravaged the world, Zoom in the online video conferencing software performance proud, the stock price soared, Li Ka-shing shares have now reached a market value of $ 11 billion, the outside world praised Zoom is Li Ka-shing’s most successful investment.

Interestingly, this year, Hong Kong’s 10 richest members of the list and last year exactly the same, more than half of the 10 richest people are “after 90 years old”, including the richest person Li Ka-shing, the former richest person this year slipped to the second place Lee Shau Kee, as well as K. Wah Group Chairman Lui Chi Wo, Lee Kum Kee Group Chairman Li Wenda and Sun Hung Kai Kwong Shaw Hing and other five older than 90 years old. Kwong Siu Hing is also the richest woman in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s rich list of the first three are traditional real estate developers, ranked fourth in the Bern optical chairman Yang Jianwen and his wife Lin Huiying, these two are not familiar with the outside world, mainly benefited from the rapid rise in demand for smart phone glass, wealth doubled to $ 18.6 billion, compared to the previous year’s ranking of sixth jumped to fourth place.

In addition, Alibaba’s second-in-command, Jack Ma‘s good partner Tsai Chongxin, this year’s top 10 richest people ranked 10th, but he is the youngest only 55 years old, and is one of the top 10 richest people in Hong Kong in a few not because of the real estate industry to become rich.

Outside the top 10 billionaires, the furniture industry giant Minhua Holdings’ major shareholder Wong Man Lee’s wealth tripled last year to $6.3 billion, is the largest increase in Hong Kong’s rich list of billionaires.