Discrimination against students teacher was named the most beautiful teacher The latest development of the incident came

Every day there are different news on the hot search, these two days about “discrimination against students teacher had been named the most beautiful teacher” the heat is very high, it is reported that a secondary school in Tianjin discrimination against students teacher had been named the most beautiful teacher? Suspicious parties respond to apologize.

  Jinan District Education Bureau informed that the teacher has been suspended, the Education Bureau will be based on the results of the investigation in accordance with the law serious treatment. It is reported that the teacher involved had been named “the most beautiful teacher” by the school, “loved by the students”. A copy of the teacher’s response, “the first thought of the child, the teacher apologizes to you, I gave you the material, you recorded, your inadvertent act made me fire, you do not have any psychological burden, I will not find you (trouble), this you rest assured.”

  The investigation found that the teacher involved in the district backbone teachers, excellent teachers in the subject, was the school named “the most beautiful teacher”. The audio is Jinan District, Xianshigu two secondary school a teacher.

  As of February 26, according to the Jinan District Education Bureau staff confirmed that the incident is still under investigation, there are no results.