“How much does your mother earn” teacher had been named the most beautiful teacher Education Bureau: the investigation is still underway

A few days ago, a secondary school teacher in Tianjin remarks allegedly climbing Parents discriminate against students controversial.

Jinan District Education Bureau informed that the teacher has been suspended, the Education Bureau will be based on the results of the investigation in accordance with the law, serious treatment, and promptly announced to the community.

Nine news reporter noted that the teacher involved in the district backbone teachers, subject excellent teachers, was the school as the “most beautiful teacher”.

How much money does your mother make?

One audio shows a woman saying that parents of previous students were either high-ranking officials or wealthy businessmen, but this year’s students are ordinary people.

“How much money do your parents make a month, don’t blame me for looking down on you! XX’s mother makes more money in a year than your mother did in fifty years, can you have the same quality?”

“In the past, the students sent to my class, the Family is an official, either the conditions are particularly good. …… How much money does your mother earn which?”

The audio was uploaded to the Internet, some people claim that alleged climbing parents discriminate against students, others say this teacher may be momentarily confused, the intention is not to look down on students or parents.

Voice: teacher to apologize to you

Some media have confirmed that the audio is a teacher in the Jinan District, Xianshigu two secondary schools.

At the same Time, the Internet circulated a suspected response from the party, “the first thought is this child, the teacher apologizes to you, I gave you the material, you recorded, your inadvertent act made me fire, you do not have any psychological burden, I will not find you (trouble), this you rest assured.”

She said, “Consider your growth process and me a joke, I still educate you as my own children, you do not work hard, you will be inferior to your parents, you will move down the class! I hope all parents read this to their children, so that their children feel at ease, do not be afraid!”

The reporter then contacted the school in question and tried unsuccessfully to get confirmation.

Its people: popular with students

The reporter checked the school official found that the teacher bachelor’s degree, the Department of secondary school teachers, district backbone teachers, served as classroom teachers, math teachers.

“Since joining the work, has been engaged in middle school mathematics teaching, which served as a classroom teacher for many years, many times was named Jinan District Mathematics subject excellent teachers and large area to improve the quality of teaching excellent classroom teacher. The classes she led have been awarded as district-level three good class groups for many times, and the classes she led in the 2013-2014 school year were awarded as ‘Model Classes of Behavior in Primary and Secondary Schools in Jinan District’. “

He participated in the practical research of the municipal project of mathematics “learning plan guide method”, and the papers and educational cases he wrote have won many awards at the city and district levels.

The information shows that this teacher has also been the school as the “most beautiful teacher”, loved by students.

Officials: no results so far

The school board of Jinan District informed that it had noticed that Xiao Moumou had inappropriate remarks in the process of educating students.

“The district education bureau immediately set up an investigation team to verify the situation on the net. At present, the teacher has been suspended.”

The briefing said that the Education Bureau will seriously deal with the results of the investigation in accordance with the law, and promptly announced to the community.

26, nine news reporters contacted the Jinan District Education Bureau, staff confirmed that the investigation is still underway, there are no results.