Cruz CPAC speech: Trump will continue to play an important role

Former presidential contender and Texas Congressman Senator Ted Cruz releases speech at CPAC (Photo credit: video screenshot)

On Friday, Feb. 26, former presidential contender and Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He noted that the Republican Party will be the party of working-class Americans and vowed that former President Trump will continue to play an important role in the Republican Party.

In his speech, Cruz, one of former President Trump’s key allies, said Democrats want Trump to walk away, “Let me tell you this right now: Donald J. Trump is not going anywhere.”

“The Republican Party is not just the party of the country club. The Republican Party is the party of steelworkers, construction workers, plumbers, cab drivers, police and firefighters, waiters and waitresses, and Americans with calluses on their hands. The party of the people who work in this country. That’s our party, and these people who have been treated unfairly will be supported here,” said Cruz, whose speech was met with loud cheers.

The senator said, “Joe Biden and his administration’s radicals have crossed the line and they’ve gone too far. Their policies don’t work. They’re a disaster. They are destroying jobs. They are taking away our freedoms.”

Cruz stressed, “There is a natural pendulum that will swing and this country will come back to its senses and, mark my words, 2022 will be the year of the election and 2024 will be a fantastic year.”

He mocked that since January, Democrats have tried to add too much security in Washington, D.C., and have “turned the Capitol into a military base in Baghdad.

Cruz also said that in 2020, when the left sparked nationwide riots, “In Houston, where I live, there were no riots because we knew very well that if it happened, they would find out what Texas thought about it. (Texans) retain the second amendment right to bear arms.”

Cruz was one of a strong group of Republicans who spoke at the conference, all of whom are hopefuls to vie for high office in a future U.S. president and administration. He opened his speech with a joking comment, ” CPAC had a great turnout of speakers. I thought we were in Des Moines.”

Des Moines, the capital and largest city of Iowa, is highly regarded as the first state in the country to hold party primaries for presidential candidates since more than half a century.

Cruz also mentioned his controversial brief trip to Mexico with his Family earlier this month, when severe cold and power outages struck Texas. He opened his speech by joking, “Orlando is great. It’s not like Cancun (the name of a Mexican place), but it’s great.”

CPAC, the largest annual gathering of Republican conservative activists and leaders, will be held this year in Orlando, Florida, after organizers were forced to move the half-century-old conference from Washington, D.C., to Florida under the constraints of the pandemic. U.S. media reported that the activists intend to keep the gathering permanently in Florida and continue to hold rallies here in subsequent years.