Happy to receive 800 million year-end bonus! Cook became the world’s most powerful worker

Shareholders approved Cook’s incentive package as sales of Apple’s many products, including phones, tablets, laptops and headphones, far exceeded expectations in 2020. Based on Apple’s current share price, 1 million Apple shares are worth $125 million (about RMB 800 million).

Cook addressed the shareholders’ meeting, saying that Apple had a bumper harvest despite the global Epidemic in 2020. In the fourth quarter, with the help of the iPhone 12 series, Apple once overtook Samsung to become the world’s highest-selling cell phone brand, and sales of Apple watches and headphones are also soaring. Since becoming Apple’s CEO in 2011, Cook has delivered a return on investment of more than 867 percent to shareholders.

Many Apple fans miss Steve Jobs (February 24 is Jobs’ birthday) and often troll Cook for not bringing substantial change to Apple. Jobs saw the iPhone as art, always creating and changing. Cook understands consumers better and knows what they want. Although fruit fans still question Cook, the expansion of Apple’s stock price, revenue, and scope of operations have demonstrated Cook’s ability.

At present, the global flagship market, Apple, Samsung, huawei tripod, but huawei chip shortage, production capacity is expected to be cut in half in 2021, Apple ushered in more opportunities. It is reported that Apple will launch iPhone 13 series, iPhone SE2021 and other products this year to encompass the mid- to high-end market.

However, Apple is also facing some crisis, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and other manufacturers have stood firm in the flagship market, although the current sales are not as good as Apple, but should not be underestimated. These Android manufacturers in the competition under the enterprising, and constantly try new technologies, Apple seems to be a bit stagnant. Of course, from the annual investment in research and development can also be seen, Apple’s technology reserves far beyond the Android manufacturers, it is said that this year’s iPhone 13 series will have a big surprise.

Another proposal of the shareholders’ meeting is about the salary of executives, the proposal requires Apple to cut the executive salary after comparing the median salary of employees, the proposal was rejected by Apple shareholders’ meeting. It seems that Apple shareholders are happy to pay more to the company’s executives as long as they have enough capacity.