Dutch Parliament Passes Motion: Chinese Communists Committed Genocide

On June 2, 2019, the building of the Artux Vocational Skills Education and Training Center in Xinjiang, north of Kashgar, is believed to be a “re-education” camp for mostly Muslim minorities.

After the United States and Canada, the Netherlands has accused the Chinese Communist Party of genocide for its brutal persecution of minority groups in Xinjiang. On Thursday (25), the Dutch parliament passed a motion by a majority vote to characterize the Chinese Communist Party as committing genocide. This is the first Time a European country has taken similar action.

According to Reuters, the motion states, “The Chinese Communist Party is committing genocide against the Uighur people.”

The motion’s drafters allege that the Chinese Communist Party is holding about a million Uighurs and other minorities in detention camps so large that they can be seen from space, making it the largest internment of minorities since World War II.

On Monday, the Canadian Parliament also passed a non-binding motion condemning the Chinese Communist Party for committing genocide against the Uighur people. The Chinese Communist Party has protested fiercely.

Earlier, the U.S. Trump administration’s State Department also characterized the Communist Party’s actions in Xinjiang as “genocide.

The Communist Party has built massive concentration camps in Xinjiang, imprisoning millions of ethnic minority people and subjecting them to torture, torture and sexual abuse. Overseas Uighur organizations have also accused the CCP of mass organ harvesting in Xinjiang. In addition, the CCP has suppressed the religious beliefs of Xinjiang’s ethnic minorities and forced women to be sterilized or married to Han Chinese.