The two meetings of the Communist Party of China as the enemy hundreds of thousands of people patrol vehicle security 37 passes

This year’s “two sessions” of the Chinese Communist Party, all kinds of security checks have been increased at every level. The State Post Bureau of the Communist Party of China has recently notified that from February 25 until the day after the closing of the “two sessions”, mail and express delivery into Beijing will be subject to “secondary security checks”. The postal administrations of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanxi and Shandong have to coordinate their actions to build the so-called “moat” defense line around the Beijing mail delivery.

In addition to the postal system, the “moat” defense also includes strict prevention of visitors entering Beijing. According to Radio Free Asia, defenses have been set up in Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia around Beijing to intercept foreign visitors. Governments across the country have begun “guarding” local visitors, and some dissidents in Beijing have been “put on guard.

In addition, the “two sessions” of the car security requirements must pass 37 hurdles, including vehicle qualifications, appearance, safety performance, etc., all to “comprehensive medical examination”. For the “two sessions” of the service drivers to go through layers of selection and political examination, and to carry out anti-terrorism, anti-riot and Epidemic prevention and control training, but also to complete all the vaccinations.

This year’s “two sessions”, no longer invite foreign journalists to Beijing, only some of the Chinese and foreign journalists in Beijing to participate in the interview, but also through the Internet, video and written way.