Japanese Prime Minister’s son hosts officials, 11 disciplined

Around this disciplinary action, The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications considered that the two people who did not carry out the disciplinary action had no stake in the matter and gave a warning and the equivalent of a warning. General Affairs Minister Ryota Takeda will voluntarily return three months of his cabinet salary, and a serious warning was given to General Affairs Undersecretary Takeichiro Kuroda.

Cabinet propaganda officer Makiko Yamada, who had been entertained by Kan’s eldest son and others when she was a general affairs official, will voluntarily return six tenths of her monthly salary. Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsushin said, “The matter has aroused the suspicion of the people and I hope to make a deep reflection.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga apologized in an interview with reporters on the evening of the 24th, saying, “I am very sorry for the involvement of my eldest son, which resulted in a violation of the National Public Service Ethics Act, and I apologize to the general public.

Regarding Makiko Yamada, Kan said, “I’m very sorry. I was not aware of the violation (when she was appointed as a public relations officer). At the same Time, he said, “I hope to continue to work hard in the future,” indicating his intention to keep her as a public relations officer.

Makiko Yamada is a special official who resigned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and is not subject to disciplinary action by the ministry. The Liberal Democratic Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party will ask Yamada to attend the House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on the 25th and ask her to make a relevant explanation.

The nine people who received disciplinary action will be affected by promotions and salary increases. The three people whose salaries were cut for three months are General Affairs Auditors Yasuhiko Tanawaki and Makoto Yoshida, and former Information Circulation Administration Director Yoshitoku Akimoto, who was actually replaced on the 20th. Tanawaki and Yoshida will have their monthly salaries reduced by two-tenths of a percent, and Akimoto by one-tenth.

There are four people whose monthly salaries will be reduced by one-tenth. They are Hironobu Yumoto, former Chief of the Government Secretariat, Kyoko Yoshida, Chief of the Satellite and Regional Broadcasting Section, Kozo Ihata, Chief of the Broadcasting Policy Section, and Toshiya Nara, the Cabinet Scrutinizer who was the Chief Scrutinizer of the Government Secretariat at the time of the banquet. Yasuhito Tamada, Chief of the General Affairs Section of the Government Secretariat, and Ki-Chang Toyoshima, Chief of the Information and Communication Policy Section, were given warnings.

Yuka Mishima, Chief of the Information and Communication Works Promotion Section, received a warning, and an employee at the Assistant Chief level on secondment received the equivalent of a warning. was not disciplined, but rather disciplined with an admonishment.