The Perseverance returned 142 photos to create the first 360-degree panoramic photos

NASA released a spectacular panoramic photo of the Mars Exploration Rover “Trail” landing site on the 24th, taken through a 360-degree rotation of the rover’s mast. (Photo taken from

This spectacular panorama, showing the edge of Jezero Crater, where Perseverance landed, and the surface of the cliffs of an ancient river delta in the distance, is similar to images taken by the Mars rover Curiosity at Gale Crater on Mars. The panoramic view is very high definition, even after zooming in on the image, the rock near the Perseverance as small as 0.25 cm in diameter can still be clearly seen.

In addition, NASA’s official website earlier launched the “Mars Snapshot” service, recently became a hot topic again because of the Trail landing on Mars. People who have not been able to personally set foot on Mars just upload their own photos, you can make a computer composite photo of the planet, a dream of conquering Mars. Many users in addition to synthetic self-portraits, but also upload their pet photos, so that they can simulate together on Mars.

NASA said that the panoramic picture is composed of 142 separate images joined on Earth.

Landing on Mars is a rush of tension, drama, and noise. then, when the dust clears: tranquility and grandeur.#CountdownToMars

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  • NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) February 22,2021

Panoramic view clearly shows the rim of Jezero Crater.