Must Watch! Biden Transgender Nominee Makes 3-Year-Old Transgender, Refuted by Senator Paul’s Destruction Video

Biden‘s Assistant Secretary of health nominee, the insane Dr. Rachel Levin, testified before the U.S. Senate Thursday morning to play out his latest story. A video sent out by The Daily Caller that day shows Republican Senator Paul ranting against the crazy transgender Levin after Levin refused to answer Senator Paul’s questions about treating 3-year-olds with hormones.

Senator Paul said, “Put his words on the record. The witness refused to answer this very specific question. “

Dr. Paul angrily questioned Levin, “Should minors be making these big decisions? …… How dare you be willing to allow minors to take hormones that will hinder future puberty. Do you think giving a woman enough testosterone to grow a beard and stop using the hormones will restore her to a woman’s appearance? Are you permanently altering them?”

Senator Paul continued to retort, “Infertility is another issue. None of these drugs are approved for use. I find it ironic that when hydroxychloroquine was used to combat the CCP virus, the left was vociferously against it, yet you want to use hormones that have not been approved. These hormones have not been studied over a long period of Time and we don’t know what the consequences will be. But what we do know is that there are many people who have used other hormones in the treatment of other diseases and ended up being very sorry because the hormone changes to the body are permanent and there is no way to roll them back. If you’ve ever been around a child, it’s impossible for a 14 year old to make the decision to use hormones, and another 10% of the children in the clinic are between the ages of 3 and 10. We should be outraged that someone is talking in the Senate about letting 3 year olds change their gender on their own. I’m just so overwhelmed that I have to go.” Sen. Rand Paul brushed it off.

Levin was born in Massachusetts in 1957 as a male Jew who later became openly transgender as a woman. Levin graduated from Harvard College and Tulane University School of Medicine before becoming an American pediatrician.

The nomination makes sense for Democrats because of Dr. Levin’s record of failed and illegal work. While serving as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, Levin gave orders forcing nursing homes to accept patients infected with the Chinese Communist virus, thus killing thousands of people in Pennsylvania, but he moved his own mother out of a nursing Home and into a suite at a hotel (Hershey Motel).

Dr. Levin supported Black Lives Matter protests and riots while shutting down small businesses in Pennsylvania for months, a policy she was later ruled unconstitutional by a judge.