Pan Shiyi’s son’s remarks about garrison officers and soldiers unearthed

Pan Shiyi’s son Pan Rui’s previous comments “denigrating” border officials and soldiers have been rehashed by netizens. (Online photo)

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has only recently released a list of military deaths in the Gallewan Valley clashes along the India-China border in June last year, and has been widely questioned for hiding the true number of deaths. A number of netizens have been detained for making statements about the fallen officers and soldiers. A few days ago, Pan Rui, the son of well-known mainland real estate developer Pan Shiyi, raised concerns when his previous comments about soldiers at the border were rehashed by netizens.

According to several media reports, screenshots of Pan Rui’s previous Weibo posts were recently exposed by netizens. One of the screenshots, dated June 23, 2020, shows Pan Rui posting that the Communist Party military “buried at least one camp alive” in the border conflict and that “there is no chance of being buried in the sky.

At the moment, Pan Rui’s Weibo post suggests that “only the first half of the content is displayed. Pan Rui has not responded or clarified the story.

On February 19, Chinese officials announced for the first Time that five Chinese military officers and soldiers had been killed and one chief seriously wounded in the June 2020 clash between Chinese and Indian troops in the Garhwan Valley on the border. The clash was the largest bloodshed between the Chinese and Communist sides in more than 50 years. But it was only eight months after the incident that the Chinese Communist Party disclosed the details for the first time.

U.S. media outlet News & World Report reported on June 16, 2020, that according to U.S. intelligence reports, 35 Chinese soldiers were killed and seriously wounded. The Times of India, citing anonymous information, said 43 Chinese soldiers were killed or injured.

Thus the first official disclosure of four deaths and injuries by the Chinese Communist Party has raised more questions. Some netizens who expressed their views online were detained for “making derogatory remarks about border guards.

Currently, at least seven people have been tracked down by police for making allegedly insulting remarks about CCP officers and soldiers, six of whom have been detained, while another has been “cyber-fugitive” because he is overseas.