Epidemic causes major congestion at sea, Los Angeles port understaffed

The Port of Los Angeles (Port of LA) and the Port of Long Beach (Port of LongBeach), the largest ports on the west coast of the United States, have been affected by the new crown Epidemic, and dock workers are underemployed, causing hundreds of cargo ships to be moored in the nearby sea, unable to enter the port to unload cargo.

Marine Exchange of Southern California (Marine Exchange of SouthernCalifornia) to the media shipping report shows that a large number of cargo ships moored at sea, although not causing safety hazards, but continued congestion will allow the United States more business supply problems.

Kip Louttit, executive director of the Maritime Exchange, said the New coronavirus outbreak is the root cause of severe congestion at both ports. Last month, 700 longshoremen at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach were infected and about 1,800 people were unable to work, he said. The number of confirmed workers is still increasing. Laudit also mentioned that trucks, trains, warehouses and other industries at the terminals are less efficient because of the need to comply with quarantine regulations.

As two of the busiest ports in the country, it is not common for cargo ships to be severely jammed. The last Time a similar situation occurred in early 2015, the two ports were at an impasse in negotiations due to a labor dispute, and the longshoremen’s union announced that the ports would stop unloading cargo for four days. At the time, 31 cargo ships were waiting outside the port to enter and unload, in what was considered the worst port congestion since 2004.

This time, congestion at the two major ports was worse than in 2015, Lotit said. Many container freighters, which used to arrive at the port and unload quickly, are now left adrift at sea.

Los Angeles University Anderson School of Management economist William Yu (WilliamYu) said in an interview earlier, as the busiest and most important international trade gateway in the United States, the two major ports in Southern California are now facing difficulties, will directly affect the entire U.S. supply chain of goods.

Los Angeles, a large wholesale supplier employees revealed that many goods are currently in short supply, the store can only try to find similar goods for customers instead, on the other hand, to urge manufacturers to supply. But every time you ask the manufacturers, the manufacturers said they are helpless, sending photos to inform them that the cargo ship is still drifting in the sea outside the port.