The people’s teacher so lectured a video is dazzling

On February 25, a netizen “LUCY” uploaded a video to the social network Twitter, drawing attention to the content of a class teacher in Tianjin to reprimand students, the content of the reckless full of discrimination, arrogant to the extreme, astonishing people dumbfounded!

The tweet says the video is of Xiao Caihong, the head of the second year of junior high school in Xianshigu, Tianjin, telling students: “How much money does your mother make? How much money does your father make? Don’t blame me for looking down on you. xx’s mother earns more money in a year than your mother did in 50 years, is your quality the same? Can it be the same? ……” admonition between also interspersed with dirty words children.

Xiao also unabashedly bragged: “The students sent to my class in the past, either the Family is an official, or the family conditions are very good, Parents are career units, are extremely qualified.”

This lecture, which seriously discriminates against students, caused public outrage.

The public “South Feng Yi” said: “angry! Do you think such a person deserves to be a teacher?”

“Hu Jiangbo in Beijing” commented, “It really reflects what it means to be a teacher in vain. It can be said that this kind of Education is completely unsuitable to stay in the teaching team.”

Netizens searched for this news in December last year, the Xiao Caihong is also the “most beautiful teacher”, trade union backbone member. Some people said: “It’s Time to review this judgment.”

The Tianjin Jinan District Education Bureau has set up an investigation team. At present, the teacher has been suspended.