Beijing and localities join forces to tightly control petitioners ahead of Communist Party’s two sessions

As the two sessions of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are set to take place in early March, rumors have been circulating over the past few days that visitors have been intercepted by Beijing police and local government officials and brought back to their places of origin to “maintain stability.

The two sessions of the Chinese Communist Party will be held in Beijing next week, and there are reports of petitioners being intercepted by Beijing police and local government officials and taken back to their places of origin to “maintain stability.

Liaoning petitioner Jiang Jiawen was harassed by interceptors who smashed doors and windows

This afternoon (Feb. 26), Liaoning petitioner Jiang Jiawen sent a text message to reporters, saying that he was being controlled by police officers from Yuanbao District in Dandong City and the Bureau of Letters and Visits at his residence in Fangshan District, Beijing, with a total of five people in a police van. He was temporarily unable to get out and asked for solidarity.

The reporter called Jiang Jiawen’s cell phone, the voice prompted the user has been turned off. A little later, Jiang Jiawen contacted the reporter said that the five people are still outside the door smashing doors and windows screaming at him to open the door. “The 23rd they began to come to my residence harassment attempts to arrest me, come twice a day, until now.”

Jiang Jiawen also said, “Now these five people outside knocking on the door and windows, saying that they want to talk to me, every two sessions to say that they want to talk to me, 20 years have been like this, a pick up back in order to save money for stability maintenance to send you to detention, detention centers, sometimes sent to a small hotel for 10 dollars per night, I still talk to them?”

Jiang Jiawen called 110, Yan Village police station police came, only asked him what his name, did not do anything to go away. Jiang Jiawen said, “I said I now call the police, what happened I will find you. He said okay, and left, and did not act. Now these people are still out there screaming.”

“We really can’t help it! All the Time until dragged to death to count, which is their ultimate goal. I said a word online to block your number, they told me, as long as the WeChat transfer a message to send you in (prison). Often threatened me like this.” He said.

Interceptors are visible outside the window of Jiang Jiawen’s residence. (Courtesy of the interviewer)

Sichuan Li Zhaoxiu was kidnapped and brought back by local public security

At around 11:00 a.m. today, Sichuan Province visitor Li Zhaoxiu was forcibly kidnapped by 7-8 men claiming to be from the Public Security Bureau near Beijing’s Yungang Morning Market, pushed into a car and handed over to Guo Fanghong, director of the Zoujiachang community in Shuangliu District’s Jiujiang Street, and Lv Ruyong, a member of the security forces, who later took her to a small car and said she was going back to Zoujiachang.

According to the news provided by visitors, Li Zhaoxiu was injured and cried during the kidnapping.

The reporter called Li Zhaoxiu’s cell phone, but the phone was not answered.

Li Zhaoxiu was kidnapped while walking on the street in Beijing. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Heilongjiang Du Yujie’s residence was surrounded

On Feb. 25, Heilongjiang provincial petitioner Du Yujie also sent an urgent plea for help, saying that she had been surrounded by a large number of local interceptors for several days at her residence in Jiao Men North Road, Fengtai District.

She said, I have not eaten for several days, do not dare to go downstairs, now in danger, my phone has been controlled, can receive can not play, who can help call a car to come to meet?

The reporter repeatedly dialed Du Yujie’s cell phone, the voice prompt is on the call.

The place where the petitioner Zhao Chunhong was tricked back to Hebei

The government has been following Zhao Chunhong in Beijing, and he was taken to the police station after his identity card was checked by a Beijing police officer, but finally he was tricked back to Hebei.

On Feb. 25, Zhao Chunhong returned to her household registration. Today she told reporters that several landless farmers who went to Beijing with her had been repatriated a few days ago. “I returned to the local area to make a statement at the police station, and today I came to my mother’s house to make a statement at the police station as well. It should be the intention from above, trying to crack down on persecution against me. Every citizen has the right to report and expose wrongdoing, and they are substituting power for law, not solving the problem, but solving the person who raises it.”

Zhao Chunhong, who was tricked back to Hebei, goes to the police station to make a statement. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Li Yanxiang from Shandong and Wu Yuanxiu from Shaanxi were stopped at a subway station

Disabled Shandong visitor Li Yanxiang, who is currently in Beijing, and Wu Yuanxiu from Shaanxi were illegally restricted by railroad police to hand them over to the local government when they asked for disability services at Ping’anli subway station yesterday. She called the police on the spot in anger and was finally able to get out of the situation.

Li Yanxiang said, “I am now in Beijing, and to be honest, there is really a lot of police and plainclothes everywhere, and they are all on duty. When I see a petitioner, I feel like I’ve seen a piece of fat meat, and I’m especially sensitive.”

“Yesterday the police said, we just want to hand you over to the local government, which sits on their long-term collusion with local black and evil forces. This stability maintenance funding is greater than military spending, this large sum of money into whose pockets? As a legitimate citizen, the people who should enjoy this money are not getting a penny. And this money is used by the local government to hire black and evil forces to maintain our stability.”

Li Yanxiang stressed, “Under the guise of law enforcement, they intercepted us and put up obstacles to prevent us from exercising our rights. We want them to give us our rights back now.”